Friends Don’t Let Friends Make Financial Mistakes

Money matters are traditionally one of the big issues in life we are taught not to discuss. However, when friends confide in friends, they may help you process your financial habits and assist you with making more wisely informed decisions. Friends can help friends by talking through money topics like: 1) Research the best interest […]

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How Can I Stop Spending More Than I Have?

If you find yourself overspending, you’re not alone. We all are getting messages constantly that to be happy- We need bigger, better and more advanced everything! So let’s not feel guilty about our spending—let’s take control: Here are some steps: 1) Create a budget, and plan you purchases. Take time to think about a purchase. […]

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Time for Change - Clock

H is for Have No Fear, the New Year Isn’t Over Yet!

Now that we’ve settled into the New Year, our resolutions either broken or kept, it’s a perfect time to reassess our resolutions. Have you broken or changed you resolution already? That’s OK! There is no time like the present to start over, especially now knowing what you truly want. Here are some tips for sticking […]

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Today, we celebrate Dr. King

In the past 100 years, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is known as one of American’s greatest influential people. He is best remembered for fighting for civil rights for African-Americans, and for leading this revolution without violence. Dr. King’s commitment for peaceful resistance and non-violent protest in the face of aggressive behaviors made a mark […]

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Perseverance is Key to Handling a Divorce

Let’s talk about 2 important traits that are important to develop in dealing with your Divorce—Patience & Perseverance! Going through a divorce presents difficulties, obstacles and complications. You will need a best friend named Persistence. This friend will help you forge ahead on a steady and determined course of action leading you to your goals. […]

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Exit Strategy Words Stamp Escape Way Out Plan

G is for Gifts and Divorce

One of the hardest things about finalizing a divorce is splitting up shared assets. Most people, when happily married, believe in sharing everything equally. Unfortunately that mindset shifts quickly during a divorce. If you have inherited money, a family business, or property, it may be hard to keep those gifts to yourself after a divorce. […]

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Should You Give Your Children an Allowance?

Ask yourself–what is the purpose of the allowance? First- Do you need an allowance to teach your kids on how being part of a family means working together for the mutual benefit of everyone?– The risk of giving your kids money through an allowance is that it may lead your children to believe that money […]

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F is for Fighting for our Furry Friends

Divorces can be difficult and filled with change for all those involved – spouses, children, and yes even the pets!  Many issues need to be resolved and assets need to be divided.  The custody and care of our children is the top priority, but many put thought and energy into fighting over their furry friends. […]

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My Husband Just Passed Away – Now What Should I Do?

Becoming a widow is painful, devastating and stressful. In addition to the emotional sorrow that comes with the loss of a loved one, you now have to face financial and legal decisions on your own. But you need to remember that you don’t have to go it alone. You and your spouse have spent a […]

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Resolutions written on a notepad

E is for “Elect” to Ignite Your New Year’s Resolutions

  It’s that time of year again, when everyone is starting to look forward in the most idealistic way, planning and prepping to become the best possible version of themselves! People start New Year’s Resolutions with the best of intentions, and it can be a good time to recognize the need to make positive changes […]

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