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W is for What happy people Do

Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions. -Dalai Lama Why does it seem some people have it easy where happiness is concerned, while others struggle day after day? Does it have to do with luck, material possessions or circumstances? No, but it does have EVERYTHING to do with choice! Happiness is […]

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money lessons for kids

Join Ann as She Shares her New Children’s Book

“Chicks, Chat and Change” – “The Money Tree” Take2RadioJr Tune in Sunday, May 24th at 7pm eastern This will be a live interview and reading of the book “Chicks, Chat and Change” – “The Money Tree” Authored by Ann B. Zuraw and Kim Kesterson Trone. If you would like to call in during this time […]

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Women in Business Award2

Ann Zuraw receives the 2015 Women in Business Award

Please Join Us Congratulating Ann Zuraw for receiving this year’s “Women in Business Award” Presented by the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce & Greensboro Partnership     Ann’s business approach is one of enthusiasm, fearlessness and determination. She is always willing to challenge conventional wisdom and “think outside the box”. This strategy has helped her yield measurable results […]

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V is for Various Ways a Virtual Office can earn you extra income

  Yes, you may opt for the traditional side job to help increase your income, but most come with time restrictions and linguistic issues. Consider what you can do from the comfort of your own home or virtually anywhere for that matter, using a high speed internet connection. There are many opportunities out there, let’s […]

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Debit or Credit. Concept of Choice.

U is for Understanding the Difference Between Credit and Debit Cards

  Those magic pieces of plastic that instantaneously transfer money from our pockets to the stores are one of modern society’s most convenient inventions. The ease of paying with a card is only one benefit – it is easier to keep up with your cash, if it gets stolen you can cancel the card and […]

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Club Connect at Wiley Elementary School

United Way of Greensboro and its Women’s Leadership council teamed up Wiley Elementary to create the Club Connect Reading Center at Wiley Elementary. Ann is both an advocate and supporter of this mission and would like to urge the community to help in this endeavor by supporting the United Way of Greensboro.   One of […]

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Ashleigh McFarlin of Zuraw Financial Advisors will be participating in NAMIWalks North Carolina – May 2, 2015

NAMIWalks North Carolina. You can help support her by making a secure online donation using your credit card. Click on the link below: http://namiwalks.nami.org/amcfarlin For more information on how YOU can participate in NAMIWalks North Carolina, please visit us at www.namiwalks.org. Thanks for your support!

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T is for Thrifty Travel Tips

  Are you feeling the need to get out of town, way out of town, say internationally? When planning a trip abroad for summer vacation, there’s much to consider; where to go, where to stay, and how to stay within your budget? With this in mind, let’s go over a few “thrifty travel tips”: First, […]

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S is for Safe Guard Your Child’s Identity

    It comes as no surprise that identity theft and fraud have become an increasing threat in our daily lives. As technology becomes more sophisticated, hackers continue to find bigger and better ways to steal our identities. Surprisingly this theft isn’t limited to adults, but children are targets as well. In 2011, Carnegie Mellon’s […]

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R is for “Reorganizing” Your Digital Photos

    Is leafing through photo albums, reminiscing about smiling faces and precious memories a thing of the past in your household?  Do you now have digital photos scattered on your tablet, mobile phone, desktop etc.?  Instead of boxes and bookshelves stuffed and overflowing with pictures, we now have digital clutter but what we know […]

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