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stock index

X is for e”X”actly what is a Stock Market Index?

An index is a selection of securities that help provide a glimpse into the broader market. For example, its calculation is based on prices of a collection of similar stocks; this helps give a general idea of how the market is performing in this particular market or segment.  When you hear the market is up […]

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Don’t Miss Our Financial Boot Camp – August 5th, 2016


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Worried woman checking documents

W is for Why “Worry” About Your Money

Money may be a thing of constant worry in many of our lives. Usually, money dictates how we live our lives: what we eat, what we drive, what we wear and where we live, etc. It’s okay to think often about money and how it affects your life. But, when the worry turns into an […]

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Packing List For Vacation Or Trip

V is for “Vacation” vs. “Travel.”

Huh?  Aren’t they one in the same? No, not exactly. Today many “travelers” pride themselves in having wanderlust; the ability to pack up all their belongings and hit the road regardless of having a mapped out plan. They wish to delight in the experience of their journey and take joy in the immersing of a […]

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Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July

  This Fourth of July as you join your family and friends in celebration, make it a point to slow down, share a little laughter, eat some good food and take a moment for reflection. This holiday marks the birth of American independence and that is something we should never take for granted. It marks […]

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Choosing what to wear

U is for Update and Upgrade to a Unique Wardrobe without going Broke

  If we are lucky enough to find ourselves among the fortunate, we may have a job we love, which in turn helps us strive to be our best self, in our achievements and with our  self-representation. In other words, we want to work hard and look our best! However, the job we love may […]

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Internet of Things Concept

T is for Tell me what does Internet of “Things” (IoT) mean exactly?

  “The Internet of things has the potential to change the world, just as the internet did. Maybe even more so.” — Kevin Ashton The Internet of Things or “IoT” is a phrase that describes the merging of connected devices and applications which participate together on the internet. All of these connected devices are being […]

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Backyard barbecue

S is for Splendid Summer Savings

Summertime is a fun time, but it can also be, spend time. We tend to vision pleasurable nights out, grilling in the backyard with friends, shopping for summer apparel and perhaps planning some exciting excursions.  All this fun may put a bit of stress on the bank account but never fear; you can put frugal […]

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Risk vs. Volatility

R is for Risk vs. Volatility

Let’s take a look: What do volatility and risk mean in terms of your investments? Volatility – is when trading prices for a given security or market index fluctuate  up or down, indicating uncertainty or risk in the amount of change in a security’s value. In other words,  securities may go up and down in […]

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Featured Lifestyler: Ann Benjamin Zuraw

  Ann Zuraw has a strong focus on working with women to help develop a holistic plan to best protect their financial futures as they transition through different stages of their lives. It has been her life goal to learn as much as possible about managing money and in turn, educate others to make positive choices.   It’s because of her passion and experience we […]

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