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N is for Navigating Your Financial World with an App

Delving into the world of finance is overwhelming for many of us. It seems to be filled with complicated products and equations, but it doesn’t have to be. We now live in a world where technology can provide us with an app for almost anything, this includes navigating our budget and finances. First you need […]

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M is for Moments Matter

The best thing about memories… is making them – don’t miss out! When you think back over the years, whether you are a teen, young adult or entering middle age, what thoughts make you smile and feel happy? For me it’s memories, time spent with the special people in my life. Whether it’s those once […]

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L is for Life Lessons and Losing Gracefully

I play tennis — I love playing tennis — tennis fills me with a sense of exhilaration and pleasure. The anticipation of my next tennis match fills me with joy and helps make the days I play tennis special to me. You would think belonging to a women’s tennis team is all about fun, socializing, exercise […]

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K is for having Keen Insight into your Financial Plan

  The best way to have insight into your financial plan is to identify what you wish to achieve with you money. The first place to start is with having some “goals”. And you can begin by grouping your goals into three categories: Short-term goals — 5 years or less Intermediate-term goals — 5 to […]

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Celebrate Labor Day!

Today we celebrate Labor Day as individuals and as a nation. This Holiday has grown into an end of summer ritual, which includes friends, family, cookouts, shopping and poolside fun. Its original conception was designed to be a yearly national tribute to the laborers of our country. The Labor Unions initiated this day so that […]

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J is for Join Us in “Giving”

  “Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects”. – Dalai Lama Giving may be one of life’s greatest joys! Giving may be one of life’s greatest joys! Haven’t you found that giving to another brings joy to oneself? Through much research, science has […]

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I is for Ignoring your Facebook Settings May Jeopardize Your Privacy

  When was the last time you checked your Facebook Privacy Settings? Facebook has been tweaking its’ terms of service since the company’s inception. However, over the years the privacy settings have become more complicated. Despite our laissez-faire attitude for clicking “I agree to the Terms & Conditions”, most of us do care about who […]

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H is for Helping Your Beneficiaries Avoid a Big Tax Hit

Beneficiary structure is often overlooked when creating a  financial plan. Many have their spouses as their beneficiary and no named contingents, thinking this will be planned out in their will. That works well except when both parties die and there are no designated contingent beneficiaries. When this happens, the money goes to the estate and […]

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G is for Getting More When Selling Your Home

Looking to sell your home? Getting the best price for your home takes some preparation and strategy that may help you achieve a successful and speedy sale. Let’s explore some tricks of the trade to help you get more money and spend less time waiting for your home to sell. The number one rule is […]

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