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Time for Change - Clock

H is for Have No Fear, the New Year Isn’t Over Yet!

Now that we’ve settled into the New Year, our resolutions either broken or kept, it’s a perfect time to reassess our resolutions. Have you broken or changed you resolution already? That’s OK! There is no time like the present to start over, especially now knowing what you truly want. Here are some tips for sticking […]

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Today, we celebrate Dr. King

In the past 100 years, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is known as one of American’s greatest influential people. He is best remembered for fighting for civil rights for African-Americans, and for leading this revolution without violence. Dr. King’s commitment for peaceful resistance and non-violent protest in the face of aggressive behaviors made a mark […]

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Exit Strategy Words Stamp Escape Way Out Plan

G is for Gifts and Divorce

One of the hardest things about finalizing a divorce is splitting up shared assets. Most people, when happily married, believe in sharing everything equally. Unfortunately that mindset shifts quickly during a divorce. If you have inherited money, a family business, or property, it may be hard to keep those gifts to yourself after a divorce. […]

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F is for Fighting for our Furry Friends

Divorces can be difficult and filled with change for all those involved – spouses, children, and yes even the pets!  Many issues need to be resolved and assets need to be divided.  The custody and care of our children is the top priority, but many put thought and energy into fighting over their furry friends. […]

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Resolutions written on a notepad

E is for “Elect” to Ignite Your New Year’s Resolutions

  It’s that time of year again, when everyone is starting to look forward in the most idealistic way, planning and prepping to become the best possible version of themselves! People start New Year’s Resolutions with the best of intentions, and it can be a good time to recognize the need to make positive changes […]

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Wintry Happy Holiday Tags

Transitions for a Happy Holiday

Has the wonder of the Holiday season become one to trudge through, and not the joyous celebration you once knew? Have annual family traditions turn into obligations?  As years go by and family dynamics change, the old traditions may no longer put magic in the season. Maybe this is the year to do some things […]

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Christmas holiday stress - stressed shopping gifts

D is for Dashing Away the Holiday Blues

  The holiday season for many is a fun time of year filled with joy and celebration.  But for some, it can be filled with sadness, loneliness and “the blues”.  So if you’re not feeling joyous during the Holidays, you’re not alone.  In fact, much added stress comes from believing everyone else “is merry and […]

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parents kissing son portrait

C is for Co-Parenting After Your Divorce

  Divorce is never easy. But what happens after the divorce is crucial to making both your life better, and making your kids lives better. There are positive ways to balance the delicate nature of your new life. Co-parenting is a great way to keep the kids lives stable, while also getting both the help […]

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Ways to teach your kids about money

Let’s talk about ways you can teach your kids about money: First As soon as children can count, introduce them to money. Take an active role because repetition and observing others are the two methods they learn by. Second communicate with your children about your values concerning money and how to save it, make it grow […]

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Family Playing Board Game At Home

B is for Budget for your Entertainment Expenses

  Including entertainment in our daily lives is an extremely important part of human nature. When we enjoy our lives we naturally become happier and healthier people. This is important whether we love to go bungee jumping or curl up with a book. We don’t however need to deplete our bank accounts in order to […]

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