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The Stock You Can’t Let Go Of!

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O is for Overspending and How to Stop it!

An Excerpt from our new book available on Amazon Chicks, Chat and Change – “The Money Tree” “To overspend Well I don’t dare – Of budgeting I am aware.” Fighting the urge to spend more money than we have can be tricky in this overly consumer driven world. But teaching children how to combat all […]

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Never Give Up Notepad Means Perseverance And No Quitting

N is for “NGU” – NEVER GIVE UP!

    We all have moments when it seems the universe is plotting against us; when every step we take and every move we make, we encounter glitch, after glitch. What do you do? Here at Zuraw Financial we created a chant for those difficult times; “NGU” (Never Give Up). Perseverance has become our badge […]

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Ann Zuraw listed as one of the Top 100 “Most Social” Financial Advisors.

Congratulations to Ann Zuraw for being ranked No. 39 on Bright Scope’s list of the “Top 100″ Most Social Financial Advisors. She has also placed as the No. 1 financial blog in North Carolina!   The Rank considers several individually weighted data points around an advisor’s Twitter profile and Blog, such as Followers, Tweet activity, and […]

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spring cleaning

M is for the Magic of De-cluttering Your Life

  Spring is near, and spring fever is in the air! After a long winter nap now is the best time to tidy up what we’ve accumulated during our winter hibernation. This year rather than doing the usual spring cleaning get serious about tidying up your entire life. While material possessions create the bulk of […]

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Two women sitting on a couch are looking at a mobile phone

L is for Listening is Simply the Best Advice

We’ve all been in that sensitive spot when a friend or loved one confides in us about a touchy subject. We want to give advice and we want to be there for our friends. But more often than not, we do not have the “correct or best” advice, and trying to give advice can often […]

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Serious Surfers

K is for Keeping Track of Your Kids Online

  Thanks to rapidly growing technology we have the world at our fingertips. While this is generally a positive thing, sometimes it can be a negative thing for our children. Kids are more likely to make bad decisions online. They are more likely to post things they will later regret, post inappropriate photos, and get […]

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Pumpkin juice

J is for Juicing for Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Say what you will about juicing – it’s too trendy, it’s not healthy to only drink juice, your body isn’t getting all the fiber it needs, etc. – but here at ZURAW FINANCIAL ADVISORS we are big fans of OUR version of the juice craze. Rather than leaping onto the bandwagon, we’ve taken a tiny […]

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Hands make heart shape

Valentine’s Day and its Effect on the Economy

  As Valentine’s Day approaches, many plan to lavish attention on loved ones, as it continues to be a holiday revolving around gift-giving. The emotional expectation on couples to show their love with material goods provides a sizeable surge for our economy, as retailers and restaurateurs are expected to enjoy the $13 billion spent by […]

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Ann Zuraw’s interview in the January 2015 issue of Business North Carolina.

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