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Z is for Zuraw Financial Advisors Shout Out!

  Fiduciary – \ fih-DOO-shee-air-ee \, adjective; 1. Relating to the holding of something in trust for another. In today’s ever changing environment of money management, ZFA continues to strive to offer our clients the best financial solutions. We strive for the best for both our clients and ourselves. We are now a Registered Investment […]

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Y is for Young Adults Choosing Debit Cards Over Credit Cards

  Young adults today are living on a very different financial path than those of previous decades. The Millennials observed job instability, home foreclosures, growing debt and a general feeling of financial unease from their surroundings. Any one of these issues may have attributed to their wariness when inviting debt into their own lives, but […]

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X is for: Are you setting a good financial eXample for your Kids?

  “Don’t worry that your children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.” —Robert Fulghum To truly teach and instill financial responsibility in your child it is best to lead by eXample, eXample, eXample! When you place value on hard work and sensible money management skills, you show your kids the […]

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W is for Why Your Decision Style may impact Your Happiness?

The pursuit of happiness is humanity’s ultimate goal. Most people put happiness over all other life goals, and are consistently working towards being happy. But, after decades of research it still remains mysterious and complex. Have you ever considered that your decision-making style may impact your emotional state? We are continually making decisions in our […]

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V is for Your Financial Vulnerability

                              Image courtesy of atibody at When planning for a successful financial future it’s important to include financial vulnerabilities….any tennis pro will include their vulnerabilities in their game plan and with good reason. Having this information will allow you to prepare for the expected as well as the unexpected. Potential vulnerabilities you […]

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U is for UGMAs Vs. 529

U is for UGMA verses 529

In the past, Uniform Gift to Minors Act accounts, or UGMAs, were a great way to transfer assets to your child to help finance their education. However, in 1996 another vehicle became available, the 529 plan and has gained much appeal. But before you decide which plan is best for your child or whether to […]

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T is for Transitions, Emotions in Retirement

T is for Transitions and Emotions during Retirement

  Life is a constant chain of transitions…we leave our childhood behind to go forth and experience many different stages of life. Countless books, websites, classes, workshops and advice from those who have gone before us are there to help direct us through our emotions as we move through the many life stages. One of […]

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S is for Saving the Bridesmaid Money

As happy as you are for your friend or family member on finding true love, sometimes you get the invitation and can’t help but cringe and wonder, “How much is this going to cost me?”  Whether you’re a bridesmaid or just attending – a wedding can become costly very quickly. Being there for your loved one […]

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R is for Regular Exercise and your Paycheck

  It’s well known that exercise is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. With the combination of a balanced diet and physical exercise you can achieve your personal fitness goals. But, the list of positive benefits of exercise doesn’t stop with physical fitness. Exercising regularly can also provide many psychological benefits such as: Elevated mood […]

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Q is for Question the Financial Fidelity in your Marriage

Sharing is not always caring. Living with your spouse means sharing everything, money included. Unfortunately when it comes to financial matters things can get murky. It can be difficult to let someone into that part of your life because we view money as such a personal thing. But knowing about the financial fidelity or infidelity […]

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