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A Checklist For Widows

 Here is a checklist for you to deal with as a recent widow. Whether or not you are the executor of the Estate—there are a number of tasks to address. As soon as it is practical, Make an appointment or have a phone call with your attorney, financial advisor and accountant and insurance agent. What […]

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Fiscally Fit

R is for Regular Exercise and your Paycheck

  It’s well known that exercise is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. With the combination of a balanced diet and physical exercise you can achieve your personal fitness goals. But, the list of positive benefits of exercise doesn’t stop with physical fitness. Exercising regularly can also provide many psychological benefits such as: Elevated mood […]

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Senior Woman Suffering From Headache - Isolated

H is for How Prepared Are You for the Unexpected?

Jane Doe was married at 27 years old, became a caregiver at 40 – and a widow at 53. Her husband’s job required that they travel and live in different locations throughout several states. Jane Doe and her husband took care of their health, saved and planned for their future, and were not worried. They […]

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Smiling Little Girl

E is for “Enough” – Kids and too much technology

  In less than a decade we have come to experience an explosion of media and technology.  As a parent, it may feel like it’s too much for your children to handle. We lay witness to their incessant exposure of the internet, social media, video games, watching, Hulu, Showtime and Netflix.  The cause of concern […]

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X is for EXploring Money Habits in a New Relationship.

  “You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.” — Epicurus (341-270 B.C.) You’re in a new relationship and you really want it to last. We love many things about our partners, but values about money can create a great divide. It […]

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U is for Utilizing the Global Entry Program.

  If you travel regularly – then looking into the Global Entry Program is definitely worth investigating.  The Global Entry is a U.S. Customs and border Protection (CBC) program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States. This program was intended for frequent international travelers, yet there is no […]

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T is for “Teaching your Teen” to Manage Money.

  In order for a teen to have full ownership of their financial future they will need some important money management lessons.  Parents have a tremendous influence and can help their teen’s financial literacy improve today. You may begin by pointing out that we all need to be educated when making money decisions and planning […]

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lpl video

Mid-Year Outook 2013

The investment landscape for the first half of 2013 has proven to be a tough one to navigate. And, LPL Financial Research believes that this will continue through the second half of this year. There is a lot of rocky terrain and potentially some surprises ahead that investors need to prepare for. To help you […]

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Stop wasting money concept

N is for Not Spending Money on Over-Inflated Items.

Let’s face it – we can all fall for great marketing campaigns and often pay more for items than their true worth. We are also willing to pay extra for conveniences in many areas of our lives. The question remains, should we continue to overpay for items that are common everyday purchases?  If you want […]

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