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Reinvent Yourself after divorce

R is for “Reinventing” yourself after divorce

If you let it, divorce can send you spiraling into deep depression, where you become the victim or it can shake you out of complacency and into the action.  Choose the latter and open yourself to new experiences and begin reinventing yourself. Start looking to the future … The past is the past… Focus on […]

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D is for Don’t Let Your Divorce Negatively Define You

“You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.” ― Joseph Campbell Dealing with divorce is a harsh reality; after all no one gets married expecting divorce in their future, yet it happens to a large number of  married couples. Divorce happens to good people. It […]

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networking worksd (2)

AZ Asks: Abbey Donnelly to tell us how Networking Works.

    Abby Donnelly is a partner and Executive Coach with Training & Development Solutions (TDS), a Sandler Training® franchise servicing the Triad. They are experts at improving sales and leadership performance. Abby has worked with hundreds of clients ranging from Fortune 500 to boutique professional firms. Her greatest strength is as a Trusted Advisor to […]

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I is for Isolation During Divorce

I is for Isolation During Divorce.

Many women often find themselves feeling isolated from their friends and family while going through a separation and divorce. It is not uncommon to find that you have only half the friends you thought you had because people feel they need to take sides. Unfortunately this isn’t fair, but it is a reality. Another strange […]

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g is for getting a tax refund

G is for Getting a Tax Refund.

  Are you anxiously awaiting your tax refund? Does this refund create visions of a new spring wardrobe, a luxurious vacation or perhaps a room filled with new furniture and accessories? Yes, by now we all should know that it’s better to keep as much of your money as long as possible and that overpaying […]

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AZ Asks Ida Independent: What’s in your purse?

    AZ Asks:  It has almost been two years since the last time we spoke. At that point, you whole life had been turned upside down and you were going through a divorce. So tell me, what’s in your purse that reflects where you are in life right now?     Ida:  Here let […]

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F is for Fast Failing

F is for Fast Failing.

    The Fast Fail method says: “Making mistakes is a good thing but realizing your mistakes faster can help you get through the learning process more rapidly.”      Improvement of yourself or situation is based on learning—whether you are running a business, graduating from school or leaving a bad marriage. Since improvement is […]

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A to Z Guide toHappiness

A to Z Guide to Happiness.

 A is for ATTITUDE — keep yourself positive. B is for BE strong — be proud of who you are. C is for COURAGE — have the courage to change. D is for DETERMINATION — be determined to keep moving forward. E is for EXERCISE— energize your body. F is for FREEDOM — face your […]

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x is for eXtreme Stress

X is for How to Deal with eXtreme Stress During a Divorce

      The divorce process—whether it be legal, financial or emotional — is likely to cause you eXtreme stress. This stress puts your body under a tremendous strain and can cause physical as well as emotional damage and aliments. Over the years, it has been medically and psychologically proven that stress breaks down the […]

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U is for the Ups and Downs of Marriage

U is for the Ups and Downs of Marriage.

  We are all different and unique individuals and so are our relationships. Dealing with each other has its Ups and Downs and marital problems can occur no matter how much you love each other. It may be financially, emotionally, spiritually or physically – we have all had our bad moments. How do you know […]

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