Should you Keep the House in a Divorce

H is for Should You Keep the Home in a Divorce?

Divorce can wreak havoc on both your emotions and your finances, particularly when your emotions are in overdrive. Making solid financial decisions doesn’t seem likely. Especially if throughout your marriage your spouse had all the financial control. However, this is not the time to give into negativity and fear. Instead, you must begin to take […]

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  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 FINANCIAL CHECKLIST BY @AZANSWERS   by Ann Zuraw | Featured Contributor on She Owns It HSA—Check if you are eligible for a Health Savings account.  An HSA is a medical savings retirement account and can be started with pretax money and withdrawn to pay medical expenses without taxes. Asset Allocation—Review your […]

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G is for Getting You & Your Young Adult to Understand the Importance of a Power of Attorney

  As our children go off to college or move away from home to begin their new career, there is a list of preparations to complete before they start their journey. We want to make sure they’re off to a great start, but many fail to discuss the importance of having a durable power of […]

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Business NC Ann's Best Stock 2018

Ann’s Best Stock Ideas for 2018 – Business NC

  Six veteran investment pros selected their three favorite North Carolina stocks, and one to avoid, for 2018 in our annual forecasting contest. The prices are as of Dec. 1, 2017, when the pros submitted their picks. Eligible stocks include companies based in the state or with large employment or investment here. Thank you to […]

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It's not your Grandmother's Trust. Now Today's Trust is Different

Wealth Management Magazine “It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Trust by Ann Zuraw

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Happy New

Happy New Year


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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all!


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I is for the “Importance” of Banking and Credit Card Alerts

Credit card alerts can help you avoid fraudulent charges or withdrawals on your accounts. As online fraud continues to increase, banks are constantly trying to stay ahead of criminals by devising advanced processes to fight credit fraud; however clever card hackers continue to make fraud more difficult to detect. According to Javelin Strategy & Research, […]

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H is for Home Owners Insurance and What You Need to Know

  Have you checked your homeowner’s policy lately? If a total disaster occurred, would you be able to rebuild the same house with the insurance money? These are questions many of us fail to review after the initial purchase of our home. If our insurance premiums continue to stay at reasonable rates, we usually find […]

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Women Up


SHE OWNS IT  Let’s say you inherited an IRA from your parents, or you’re the beneficiary of an inheritance from your beloved Grandmother. Or your business is finally doing so well (after many years of hard work and losses), that you have more income than you imagined.  All of a sudden with this financial improvement, […]

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