F is For Face it! Facebook Is Not Concerned with Your Privacy.

    Face it, we’ve all heard the breaking story of a firm taking the personal information of 50 million unsuspecting Facebook users back in 2015. Since then the debate continues regarding data security on social media and Facebook is front and center. As Facebook users, we must now be cautious and aware of the […]

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CR_ZurawFinancial_18022019 B - page1 Cropped for feature photo

Ann Zuraw Highlighted in CityWire RIA – “My Model Portfolio”

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How to Leave Emotional Baggage Behind Before Entering The Workplace

E is for: How to Leave Emotional Baggage Behind Before Entering The Workplace

Abandoning our emotions at the door before entering the workplace at times may seem impossible as our feelings don’t go away just because we are at work. Despite our best efforts, many of us have experienced an array of emotions while on the job. Whether it was a moment of anger, extreme sadness or exuberance […]

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D is for Diminished Identities'%

D is For Diminished Identities Of All Women Need To Be Rewritten

  As a women entrepreneur, I have witnessed many moments where a woman’s worth is based mostly on having a husband and children. That identity usually comes before any other deserving accolades. This happens at conferences, workshops, award ceremonies in the workplace and social gatherings. Yet, I do not seem to remember the last time […]

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Last Will and Testment document with gavel and pen

C is for Caution Creating Your Own Will – May Lead to Mistakes

Let’s face it, no one wants to plan for their own death. Call it denial, procrastination or the refusal to deal with their own mortality, either way, there may be negative consequences if you do not plan and create a will. A simple will is not as difficult as brain surgery, and sure you can […]

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Valentine’s Day and its Potential Positive Effects

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many plan to lavish attention on loved ones, as it continues to be a holiday revolving around gift-giving. The National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics (NRF) has been conducting its annual Valentine’s Day consumer spending survey since 2004 to gauge how Americans plan to celebrate this special day with […]

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B is for Baffling Social Security Decisions & Navigating the Right Choices

  If you’re nearing the age of 62, you would greatly benefit by doing some homework to figure out what Social Security choices are available. Having choices seems like a great option;  however, navigating Social Security language and determining the best selections can be overwhelming. To help you avoid costly mistakes that could possibly result […]

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A is for – A to Z Guide to Self-Care and a Happier You

A is for Ask for help, we all need support at times. B is for Become aware of inner thinking. C is for Change thoughts that are negative. D is for Drink lots of water, it’s good for you. E is for Eat Healthy and Exercise regularly. F is for Forgiveness. G is for Get […]

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day sign

Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

In the past 100 years, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is known as one of American’s greatest influential people. He is best remembered for fighting for civil rights for African-Americans, and for leading this revolution without violence. Dr. King’s commitment to peaceful resistance and non-violent protest in the face of aggressive behaviors made a mark […]

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Z is for the Z Generation-compressed

Z is for Generation Z and What to Expect From Their Generation.

As a new generation of Americans begin to move toward adulthood, there is a growing interest in their behaviors and lifestyle choices. How will this new Generation Z, or “post-Millennials” (those born in the mid-1990s to about 2025) influence and shape the United States workforce? Even though the jury is still out and will be […]

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