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N is for “NGU” – NEVER GIVE UP!

 Never Give Up Notepad Means Perseverance And No Quitting
We all have moments when it seems the universe is plotting against us; when every step we take and every move we make, we encounter glitch, after glitch. What do you do? Here at Zuraw Financial we created a chant for those difficult times; “NGU” (Never Give Up).
Perseverance has become our badge of honor, our determination and declaration.  Our team leader has given us the right to be human. She has the compassion and knowledge of knowing that being human means making mistakes and hitting road blocks. She has also taught us that learning and moving through mistakes with intention helps us reach our ultimate goals.
We’ve been taught to not throw in the towel after the first, fifth or fiftieth mishap because if we do, we are letting go of what could have been an achievement celebrated, no matter how big or small. We believe no idea is senseless, even though at times when we have worked hard, tried every possible angle and still experienced failure. We have learned to get back up, brush off the wounded ego and “NGU”.
With kindness and gratitude from the staff at Zuraw Financial Advisors

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