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Y is for: Your Apps May Be Bringing You Down

Bringing in the new year inspires us to initiate positive change for ourselves. Whether we wish to improve ourselves by practicing a positive attitude, avoiding judgmental behavior, being respectful of others, performing small acts of kindness, volunteering; or perhaps starting a healthier lifestyle.

The above goals are all very noble and completely attainable with some hard work and perseverance. Becoming the best person we can be isn’t an easy task but it is definitely worth the effort. Imagine how achieving just one of these goals could positively impact the year ahead.

Have you considered how today’s technology is playing a part in all of our daily attitudes?  Have you observed sitting in a waiting room and finding everyone’s eyes downcast because they are on their smartphones? No longer is it even an option to make eye contact with that kind stranger sitting next to us. How can we, when we are totally absorbed in our smartphones? Social media is supposed to make us more connected – but is it getting in the way of real socializing and making us feel more alone?

Loneliness is a silent killer in today’s modern society. It has been proven that loneliness causes much distress on the human psyche and physical body and today’s technology plays a big part in how we interact with each other.

As humans, we are hardwired to crave connection, and while social media does help cultivate some connection it can never supersede true belonging. Real connection, face to face contact creates tenderness and empathy allowing a feeling of connectivity.

Perhaps another goal for the new year should be to avoid apps that are making you miss out on human contact. Put down your phone and say hi to the person sitting next to you at the doctor’s office or standing next to you in line. You’ll be surprised at how much better you will feel with even the smallest amounts of human contact.