becoming a better you after divorce

Divorce is a stressful, messy, and life-altering event that frequently leaves you feeling unlike yourself. It’s an easy time in life to neglect yourself when you are just trying to survive. But now that the divorce is finalized, it is time to reclaim your life and become your self again!

Self-care is easier said than done when you are hurting or lost. But it is a critical step to take when you want to heal after a breakup. And along the way of your healing process, you just may find a happier and better you.

Here are a few simple practices that will help you become yourself again after a divorce.


Do something you’ve always wanted to do after your divorce

Have you always wanted to take a pottery class or go on a solo vacation to Mexico? But due to the constant discontent in your relationship, many of your wishes were put on the back burner. But now you can start dreaming about all you put on hold and start putting some plans in place. It’s probably best to start off slow and make sensible plans one step at a time. Remember, you have the rest of your life to make decisions that benefit you, and now is your chance to do what you want!  Be bold,  be brave, and even if it’s small wishes, do it totally for you.

Reach out to old friends

When we are going through difficult times, it can be so easy to isolate ourselves or just have less time for our friends and family in general. But now is a critical time to call them up and catch up. Being around people you love is important for healing, and a great reminder of why you should love yourself! Just be careful not to overload your friends with divorce talk. Make sure to talk about things that get your mind off the topic too. Just be careful not to overload your friends with divorce talk. Make sure to talk about things that get your mind off the topic too.

Read and Write

Reading books about healing after a breakup or any other self help you feel you may need are a great tool you should be taking advantage of regularly. Also, keeping a journal and writing through your feelings is an important way to sort your thoughts out.

Meet new people

Making new memories can help you forget the old ones. Whether it be new friends or new lovers, this can be incredibly healing and cleansing after a divorce. Knowing you still “got it” after a break up can be the confidence boost you need. Just be sure to communicate clearly and effectively with romantic partners to avoid sticky “rebound” situations.

Give yourself time

Don’t forget that becoming yourself again after a divorce takes time. There will be ups and downs, and that’s OK. Remember to hold on and do your best.

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