A to Z Guide to Happiness.

A to Z Guide to Happiness.

 A is for ATTITUDE — keep yourself positive.

B is for BE strong — be proud of who you are.

C is for COURAGE — have the courage to change.

D is for DETERMINATION — be determined to keep moving forward.

E is for EXERCISE— energize your body.

F is for FREEDOM — face your fears head on and conquer them.

is for GIVING — give to yourself and others.

H is for HEALTH — take up a healthy habit.

I is for INTEGRITY — live with honor.

J is for JOURNEY — make your life joyful.

K is for KINDNESS— give or accept nothing less.

L is for LAUGHTER — it’s contagious.

M is for MUSIC — enjoy it daily.

N is for NATURE — go outside and play.

O is for OPTIMISM — keep your glass half full.

P is for PASSION — do what you love.

Q is for QUIET — let your soul find peace in mediation.

R is for RELAX — your mind and body deserve it.

S is for SMILE — the world will smile back at you.

T is for TAKE Charge— it’s your life after all.

U is for UNLEASH — the power you have always had within you.

V is for VISION — envision where you wish to be.

W is for WELLNESS — self-care is self-love.

X is for EXHALE — relax and breathe.

Y is for YIELD— stay clear of negative thinking.

Z is ZEST — embrace life to its fullest.

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