AZ Asks: Joyce Ann Starks about Redirecting Children’s Behavior.

Joyce Ann Starks, Certified RCB Parent Instructor, INCAF. Her background reflects varied interests and talents:  BA in French; grant writer and costume designer for a non-profit theatre company; corporate trainer for a national restaurant chain; aerobics instructor; administrative assistant at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland for seven years; certified Montessori teacher; and co-owner with her husband of REDGlobal Group, a management training and consulting business. 

Joyce Ann received her RCB certification in 2002 and has presented over 20 five-week courses at the Greensboro Montessori School, Canterbury School, Greensboro Day School and First Presbyterian Preschool.  She also gives talks at preschools, schools and businesses in the Triad area. Her experience in training, teaching, and administration create a presentation style that is insightful, compassionate, and often humorous.  She loves connecting with parents and sharing the principles and strategies of RCB.

What exactly does RCB accomplish? Redirecting Children’s Behavior (RCB) is a positive and powerful approach that teaches effective parenting skills. It is a form of discipline that incorporates being calm, firm, and fair. RCB provides valuable insights into what we each bring into our role as parent and how we can be a good “fit” for each child. This how-to approach is built on recognizing the needs of the child and then responding effectively. When adults learn to set limits, stay consistent, and model self-control, children learn to be respectful, responsible, and self-confident.

Where did this approach originate? Redirecting Children’s Behavior is a book and course by Kathryn Kvols, founder of the International Network for Children and Families (INCAF). Her work is inspired by the late Rudolf Dreikurs, M.D., highly acclaimed therapist, researcher, and author of Children: The Challenge.

How does this approach benefit families? The RCB approach is empowering for both adults and children. Today’s families face many challenges, so adults need strategies to deal with the heart of children’s behavior or relationship issues. When your family life feels more peaceful and stable, you have more energy for your career, your friends and yourself. This approach can also help during a divorce, with aging parents, and in the workplace.

Where can I sign up for this 5-week learning session? The next RCB course will be held on Tuesday evenings, Oct 2 – 30th, at the Greensboro Montessori School on Horse Pen Creek road. Class time is 6:30 – 9:00 PM. We are taking requests for a morning class as well at this time. Single-topic workshops are offered at school PTA groups, preschool organizations, and businesses.

For more information contact: or call 392-9380 or visit RCB website @

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