AZ asks: Linked In Part 2

AZ asks:  Linked In Part 2AZ asks:  Tips on How to get the most out of LinkedIn part 2

Susan Gerson is a marketing professional with strong experience in public relations, professional services, marketing and resume writing. Susan opened Gerson, etc. in 2005 after many years as a marketing professional in the health care industry. She has a particular focus in developing effective collateral materials, strategic marketing planning and implementation. Her contact email is

In today’s world of electronics and social media, LinkedIn has become an essential tool for job seekers. If you are job hunting, your main goal right now is to have the strongest presence possible that enhances you and makes you more visible and searchable to contacts, hiring managers and recruiters.   

AZ asks: What are some good tips for successfully using LinkedIn to find a job?

1.  Proof read! Proof read! Proof read! —I just can’t say it enough. Make sure you carefully proof read everything that you include. Recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to search, find and contact potential candidates on a daily basis. How you present yourself is how they will remember you.

2.  Make sure your profile is thorough and complete.

  • Make sure you include a professional looking headshot.
  • List your education, past employers, professional affiliations, awards and keywords related to your jobs and activities.
  • Contact past supervisors and colleagues for recommendations.
  • If available, include recommendations from customers, clients and colleagues. Hiring managers and recruiters regularly check recommendations to help evaluate potential candidates.
  • Include your LinkedIn address on your resume, business card and email signatures.
  • Include both your home and your work email.

3.  Contact setting—your contact settings are important because it lets your network of colleagues, hiring managers and recruiters know if you are available. Make sure you choose the option(s) that fits your particular needs. The options include: career opportunities, consulting offers, new ventures, job inquiries and reference requests.

Even if you’re not actively seeking a new job, in this day and age, it is important to be flexible…you just never know when an opportunity may present itself that is just too good to pass over or perhaps your current situation changes unexpectedly.

4.  Build your network to increase the chances that your profile will come up at the top of the list and be seen by hiring managers/recruiters who are searching for candidates.  The more connections you have, the more opportunities you could potentially have. But remember, it is important that you don’t randomly connect with people you don’t know. The whole point is to connect with people you do know, so they you can help each other out.

5.  Looking for a job on LinkedIn. Once you click on “Jobs” you can use the basic search or click on the “advanced” job search to refine your search to be very specific. When you enter your search criteria and hit “search” you will be taken to LinkedIn’s jobs. This site is where companies or people have paid to post an open position on LinkedIn.  In realty though, there are many more job opportunities posted on the Internet than jobs just posted on LinkedIn so try clicking on The Web tab to see what is available.

6.  Join LinkedIn groups. Concentrate on those whose members are hiring managers that could actually hire you or help you find a job.

7.   Job Search Support groups and Industry groups are a wonderful way to expand your network and can be very helpful to your job search process.

8.   Share your knowledge and expertise by participating in discussions. Ask questions or post discussion topics yourself…actively get involved.

9.  Have an interview coming up? Prepare yourself by using LinkedIn. Get to know the people you will be interviewing with by reading about them. See if you have any similarities. Did you happen to go to the same school? Play the same sport? Enjoy the same activities? Is there a chance that you have a mutual acquaintance? Having something in common is a great way to establish a connection with someone.

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