AZ asks: Linked In Part 1

LinkedIn Part 1AZ asks:  LinkedIn part 1

Susan Gerson is an accomplished marketing professional with strong experience in public relations, professional services, marketing and resume writing. Susan opened Gerson, etc. in 2005 after many years as a marketing professional in the health care industry. She has a particular focus in developing effective collateral materials, strategic marketing planning and implementation. Her contact email is

AZ asks: What exactly is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the largest business-oriented social networking site in the world.  It helps you connect with contacts that you trust and then allows you to exchange knowledge, ideas, sales opportunities, new career opportunities etc. with an extensive network of professionals.

In today’s world, people change jobs and locations much more often than they did in the past. LinkedIn can help you to stay in closer contact and more up to date with your contacts.

AZ asks: How do I create a LinkedIn Profile Page?

Before you begin, there are a few items you want to have available to help you fill out your profile.

Professional Bio:  Your bio should be very clear about who you are, what your areas of expertise are and how your expertise addresses your contact’s needs or goals.

Resume: Listing your work experience builds credibility and is a great way to find former colleagues you may have lost touch with over the years. This also gives them a tool to help find you. Many new users tend to only put their current company in their profile, but this can limit your ability to connect with people. So when doing your profile page, remember to include previous companies that you have worked for, your education, affiliations and activities…it will help broaden your network.

Headshot:  Everyone likes putting a face to a name so make sure you have a headshot to upload to your profile. Choose one that is as professional looking as possible. 

AZ asks: What is the next step after this?

1.  Go to to begin creating your profile.

2.  Enter your name, your email address and create a password for your account. Click Join Now.

3.  Fill out the basic information and click Create my profile.

4.  Add business contacts

5.  A confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you provided. Click on the link in the email to confirm your account. You will be sent back to LinkedIn. Click Confirm. Enter your password and click Sign In.

6.  Once you are signed in, click on the Profile tab at the top of the page. Here you will begin completing your profile. You will see that your name, title and company have already been filled in from the previous information your provided.

7.  Set your page so that it can be found by others. Under the Public Profile category, click Edit. Check the box that reads Full View recommended and select Save Changes.

8.  To return, click Edit My Profile. The best way to fill out your profile is by simply starting at the top, editing each section and working your way down. Click on the Edit or +Add links to edit each section. You will be taken to a separate page to fill out the information for each section on your main page. When you finish filling each of these out, click Save Changes. Your changes will be saved and you will be led back to your main profile page.

9.  Add your photo. First, make sure the photo you want to use is saved on your computer. The, click Add Photo, then click Browse and locate where you saved the photo you want to use. After you select it, click Upload Photo.

10.  Use your resume as a tool to help you fill out your Past relevant experience and Education. Click Save Changes after editing each section.

11. Use your professional bio to help you fill out the Summary section. This should provide a brief description of…

  • who are you
  • what you do
  • what your professional experience is
  • what specialties you may have


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