AZ Asks: Lucy Wellmaker, What can the Resource Center Do for Women in Divorce?

AZ Asks:  Lucy Wellmaker, What can the Resource Center Do for Women in Divorce?Lucy Wellmaker is the New Choices Program Director at the Women’s ResourceCenter.  She has a Master’s Degree in counseling from UNC at Greensboro and is a graduate of the Institute of Life Coach Training and a member of the International Coaching Federation.  Lucy not only has a passion for working with people who want to improve their lives, she has the skills and the expertise to help them do it.  Lucy authors weekly words of wisdom  You will be inspired by her “WOW Moments”!

What resources are available for women when they are contemplating a divorce?

We make a variety of services available to women.  This includes the following topics of need and interest: employment, physical and mental health, resources for older women, education, financial, community support services, and issues and services for the many needs of family which include:

Free Attorney Hotline & Legal Resource Network – receive a 15-minute phone consultation with an attorney.

Community Resource Counseling

Receive three, 60-minute sessions per quarter to help you clarify goals and objectives.

Self-Esteem Workshops
A four-part series on self-esteem issues for women offered during both daytime and evening hours.

New Choices – Strategies for Success Program
The New Choices program offers a series of pre-employment workshops. They include building self-esteem, resume assistance, interviewing strategies, budgeting, time management, identifying career goals and much more. This program is designed for homemakers who have been out of the workforce, or who are underemployed and who have lost their primary source of income. Childcare, transportation, and educational assistance are available to eligible participants.  The State of North Carolina helps fund this program, one per county, using the divorce filing fee.

Computer Lab & Library
Computers with Internet access are available to community women on a limited-time basis. In the library you can choose from a selection of books on topics of interest to women.

What are the costs involved?

 There is no cost to the participant.

 What are your hours of operation and where are you located?

Women’s Resource Center of Greensboro

628 Summit Avenue                              Phone:  336-275-6090
Greensboro, NC 27405                          Fax:  336-275-7069
:  Mon & Wed 9-5
Tues & Thurs 10-7
Lucy Wellmaker is not affiliated with Zuraw Financial Advisors, LLC.

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