B is for Bertha & Blanche: My Benevolent Female Role Models


B is for Bertha & Blanche: My Benevolent Female Role Models


With gratitude I am aware that my family tree holds quite a few philanthropic souls, influencing the same in me. But recent discoveries about my great-grandmother, Bertha Strauss Sternberger have made me even more appreciative of my heritage. Dating back to the early 1900’s, she supported the empowerment and education of women during a time when women were typically silenced and powerless.
Both my great-grandmother and my grandmother were amazing women, especially for their time, and the work that they have done for our community is remarkable. I had the opportunity of knowing my grandmother, Blanche Sternberger Benjamin personally, and have always admired her generous spirit and energetic nature. Both of these women have supported many wonderful causes in areas such as: education, healthcare, the arts, and the park system. Their legacy dates back to a time when women were not typically acknowledged as powerful and influential. Not only were they of giving spirit, they sought out and gave back to their community regardless of race, religion, gender, or class. They were both truly inspirational women.
I am grateful to have such strong women as role models as I work to establish my own philanthropic and career path. Daily I aspire to embody their generous and helpful spirit into my own life. I have a passion for empowering women and children, regardless of their age, background, or status so that they may be able to grasp every opportunity available to them in achieving their goals. And as I have uncovered the impressive achievements of my benevolent grandmothers, I hope to continue their legacy through myself and those lives I touch. So thank you Bertha and Blanche for setting a great example.

Best, AZ

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