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S is for Start the New Year with a Spark and Ignite a New Practice

Start the New Year with a Spark and Ignite a New Practice
“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” — Mahatma Gandhi
When we “spark an interest” in a new skill or bright idea we “light a fire” in our lives and our brains.  Seriously, it’s true a new skill helps provide us with joy, purpose, energy, cell growth and a direction in life. So why not get excited about something today?
It’s understandable that when we open our minds to a new idea or new way of thinking it can momentarily make us uncomfortable. It may even create a bit of anxiety for some, but if we muster up the courage to forge ahead, resist the fear and get out of our comfort zone, we might be surprised to learn that trying something new and unknown can benefit us in unusual ways.
Learning even just a small new task on a daily basis can offer us significant advantages and possibilities. Science has shown us that learning a new skill helps strengthen connectivity between entire networks in our brain.
The good news is, you can find free and informal learning opportunities in so many places, your local library, recreation centers, and of course, the World Wide Web has millions of free or inexpensive online learning opportunities but be sure to use reliable sources.
So go ahead and incorporate a daily practice of learning something new and enhance your life with new ideas, creativity, and motivation. I know it may require some courage, but this in itself is a benefit. An important key to life is never stop learning.
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