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G is for Gathering Important Life Documents

Why is this so important? Life is full of unexpected happenings. Having all of your important essential documents and personal directives in one place can help you and your loved ones deal more efficiently in a time of crisis. Even if you never experience a crisis, you’ll be relieved that you spent the time gathering…

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N is for There is No Time Like The Present to Make Your Will

We all know our time here is limited yet most of us fail to leave our loved ones with a well thought out will. For many it’s good old procrastination that gets in the way, you know “I’ll get to it tomorrow” but tomorrow may never come or tragedy can strike and you may not…

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H is for Having a Heartfelt “Ethical Will” or “Legacy letter”

We all know we need a legal document called a will,  this helps provide our loved ones access to the valuables we leave behind. A will is an important legal document which can provide clarity and financial support to those we love. Perhaps another important will to consider would be “an ethical will”. This type…

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P is for Prepare that Prenup

Perhaps preparing a “prenup” isn’t the most romantic subject to address during your magical time of love, promise and a lifetime commitment. However, we shouldn’t bury our heads in the sand when half of all marriages end in divorce. Having a 50/50 chance of success are not the odds you would likely want to take…

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H is for Helping Your Beneficiaries Avoid a Big Tax Hit

Beneficiary structure is often overlooked when creating a  financial plan. Many have their spouses as their beneficiary and no named contingents, thinking this will be planned out in their will. That works well except when both parties die and there are no designated contingent beneficiaries. When this happens, the money goes to the estate and…

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