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A is for – A to Z Guide to Self-Care and a Happier You

A is for Ask for help, we all need support at times. B is for Become aware of inner thinking. C is for Change thoughts that are negative. D is for Drink lots of water, it’s good for you. E is for Eat Healthy and Exercise regularly. F is for Forgiveness. G is for Get…

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B is for Baffling Social Security Decisions & Navigating the Right Choices

  If you’re nearing the age of 62, you would greatly benefit by doing some homework to figure out what Social Security choices are available. Having choices seems like a great option;  however, navigating Social Security language and determining the best selections can be overwhelming. To help you avoid costly mistakes that could possibly result…

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D is For Diminished Identities Of All Women Need To Be Rewritten

As a women entrepreneur, I have witnessed many moments where a woman’s worth is based mostly on having a husband and children. That identity usually comes before any other deserving accolades. This happens at conferences, workshops, award ceremonies in the workplace and social gatherings. Yet, I do not seem to remember the last time a…

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Ann Zuraw Highlighted in CityWire RIA – “My Model Portfolio”

What is your overall investment philosophy? We use a combination of active and passive investments to achieve a diversification of asset allocation and strategies. We prefer liquid investments over alternatives, such as annuities and real estate, and we believe that the capital markets provide an opportunity to grow your money over the long term if…

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Ann Zuraw named Investopedia’s Top 100 Most Influential Advisors

Investopedia-Top-100-Ann-Zuraw Greenboro SC financial advisor

Congratulations, once again for making top advisor at Investopedia The Investopedia 100 list celebrates financial advisors who have contributed significantly to conversations about financial literacy, investing strategies, life-stage planning and wealth management. Learn more … Investopedia Top 100 Financial Advisors

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