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L is for Living for Today While Saving for Your Future

Living Life and Saving for your future

How do you live life to the fullest right now, and at the same time save for the future? It’s called planning – and for some, it’s an easy task, as these are the savers. But if your natural inclination is to spend impulsively, it may take some reconditioning for you to manage expenses while…

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Z is for Generation Z and What to Expect From Their Generation

Generation Z and What to Expect From Their Generation

As a new generation of Americans begins to move toward adulthood, there is a growing interest in their behaviors and lifestyle choices. How will this new Generation Z, or “post-Millennials” (those born in the mid-1990s to about 2025) influence and shape the United States workforce? Even though the jury is still out and will be…

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O is Observing Financial Elder Abuse and How You Can Help

Observing Financial Elder Abuse and How You Can Help

Sadly, people continue to abuse the elderly financially. Whether they become victims of scams or are preyed on by family members looking for money. Because many seniors prefer to remain in control of their finances throughout life, makes it more challenging to help protect them in these situations. Financial Abuse is any behavior that causes…

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N is for Our Net-worth is Entirely Different From Our Self-Worth

  “True abundance isn’t based on our net worth, it’s based on our self-worth.” – Gabrielle Bernstein If you are a person who believes money will solve all your problems, think again. Just because your financial net worth may be high, it won’t necessarily improve your self-worth. High self-esteem is based on one’s self-perception and…

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L is for Learning to Avoid Procrastination

We all make little justifications for not sitting down at the computer or getting on the phone to take a stand against wasteful spending from excess charges and fees. No one wants to spend their precious free time on the phone trying to sort through endless unexplained charges on phone bills, credit card bills or…heaven…

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