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The time to be awesome is now - handwriting on a napkin with a cup of espresso coffee

A to Z Guide for “Awe”some Living!

It is easy to get lost in our busy, fretful, demanding lives. Taking time to notice the little things can change the way we look at our day. Learn how to take care of YOU on a daily basis. Try something new, let go of past pain and begin to enjoy your awesome future. Accept […]

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Silhouette Of Woman With Outstretched Arms On Beach

Z is for Having a Zestful Life!

Zest is about having energy, excitement or feeling alive. It goes hand in hand with happiness and optimism. “Zestful” living can be obtained by learning how to utilize your strengths and overcome fears and doubts so that your life may be lived to the fullest. Zest is found in character strength, and in pursuing life […]

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Close-up of stressed shopaholic sitting on sofa surrounded by paperbags

X if for You need to eXpel Your Urge to Overspend

We are human, so naturally, we are flawed.  But we also have great control over our actions; well sort of! As you know, some challenges are harder than others, but with knowledge and hard work, we DO have the ability to eXpel bad behaviors and initiate healthy change in our lives. For change to occur, […]

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Never give up!

M is for Mente-ing.

  My 88 year old father’s name is Mente, he taught me about investing and financial management all my life. He has founded and managed our family businesses and office beginning in the early 1960’s to the present. His advice to me was “use your common sense, Ann” and that saying helped form my life. […]

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I is for Investing in your 20's

I is for Investing in Your Twenties

  Youth is a wonderful time to dream of all of life’s endless possibilities. So why spend time worrying about your golden years? A good reason is that in this day and age, you will probably find that YOU and YOU alone must fund your retirement. This doesn’t mean you need to stop pursuing your […]

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family history edit_final1

H is for How Does Your Money History Affect You Today?

    We all have different values, attitudes, and behaviors that are unique to us based on our life experiences. These experiences and lessons extend to our emotional connection with money. The lessons learned from our parents or caregivers regarding money can follow us into adulthood. Some of these lessons will help you while others […]

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Trust with blue marker

C is for Dealing with Today’s Rise in Cheaters.

Have we become a society of cheaters? Experts say cheating has become more common and more accepted in recent years. Cheating seems to be found in many different fields — education, sports and the workplace – not to mention personal relationships. With all the new technology available including real-time communication tools, we continually hear about […]

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T is for Teaching Your Children about Finance

T is for Teaching Your Children about Finance. (Part 2)

  Money gives people –both young and older – decision-making opportunities. Everyday spending decisions can have a far greater negative impact on your children’s financial future (and yours also) than any investment decisions they (or you) may ever make. Educating, motivating and empowering your children to become regular savers and investors will enable them to […]

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T is for Teaching Your Children about Finance

T is for Teaching Your Children about Finance. (Part 1)

  High school is too late to start teaching finance. Before they even get to kindergarten, kids receive thousands of indirect lessons about money by observing their parents at the bank, grocery store, shopping center and home. Research suggests that children are much more receptive to learning financial concepts from age 8 to 12. Start […]

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Wants Vs Needs - Balance

Q is for Question Your Spending Habits.

    Consumer spending accounts for about 70% of the U.S. economy according the U.S.  Commerce Department. Our spending is what keeps our economy in either good or poor shape. When spending increases or decreases, it has a major effect on our economy. What we buy can be divided into two major categories. The first category […]

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