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P is for Providing Estate Planning for Your Pet

People love their pets, and social media has allowed many to take this love obsession to a higher level. Pet lovers are using their pets to create stars on Instagram, support groups on Facebook and photo collages on Pinterest. Studies have shown people are spending more and more money every year indulging their pets on…

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N is for Never Say You’re Sorry When You Don’t Mean it

Do you find yourself saying you’re sorry repeatedly even when there is nothing to be sorry about? Saying your sorry is common among both male and females, but studies have found men apologize less frequently than women. The reason given is that women may consider certain situations more offensive than their male counterpart. Saying we’re…

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Commemorate Memorial Day

This year, as we gather with family and friends to enjoy a Memorial Day barbeque and the start of summer, let’s take the time to reflect and honor the men and women who sacrificed their lives while fighting for our freedom as well as for those who continue to fight. A few ways we can…

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M is for Money, Marriage, Millennial’s and Independent Finances

The trend of the Millennial generation is to enter into marriage later than previous generations. Unlike generations before them, they are choosing to reconstruct traditional marriage policy and keep their finances separate. This development has occurred for many different reasons; let’s explore a few. Each partner has a full-time job Millennial couples come together with…

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