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V is for The Value in a Solo 401k May Be Right For You!

The Value of a Solo 401k May Be Right For You!

What is a Solo 401 (k)? A Solo 401(k) is a 401(k) qualified retirement plan that was designed specifically to cover employers with no employees, or that person and his or her spouse.  The one-participant 401(k) plan isn’t a new type of 401(k) plan, but it is often overlooked as a retirement-saving vehicle. What are…

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U is for Unfaithful Finances between Couples is a Real Thing

Financial infidelity

  Money arguments between couples are nothing new. Money is the ‘Number One’ cause of stress in relationships, and continually having financial arguments is a top predictor of divorce. Have you ever purchased an item without your partner being aware? Do you have a secret account to hide certain purchases from your partner? Many believe these small…

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T is for Technology and FinTech Embraced by Millennial’s

The FinTech (“financial technology”) market is alive and well, and the largest group of users are tech-savvy millennial’s. It comes as no surprise that a generation raised using the assistance of smartphones and apps would indeed continue to seek to utilize apps in adulthood. The Fintech industry has offered millennial’s a more convenient digital alternative…

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