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U is for Unfaithful Finances between Couples is a Real Thing

Financial infidelity

  Money arguments between couples are nothing new. Money is the ‘Number One’ cause of stress in relationships, and continually having financial arguments is a top predictor of divorce. Have you ever purchased an item without your partner being aware? Do you have a secret account to hide certain purchases from your partner? Many believe these small…

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Ann Zuraw Highlighted in CityWire RIA – “Women in Wealth”

Ann Zuraw and Women in Wealth

WHAT LED YOU TO A CAREER IN FINANCIAL SERVICES? My father taught me and my three brothers about investing. He encouraged each of us to choose a stock to invest in. I chose Coca-Cola. My early experiences with investing and managing money taught me the importance of making my own financial decisions so that I…

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R is for Reset the Life Button and Begin a New Day

When life has us running in many different directions, and there is no end in sight. When we’ve settled into behaviors that are no longer giving us the results we desire. The kindest thing we can do for yourselves it to start over with a fresh, clean slate. Let’s reset our life button and make…

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Q is for a QDRO Can Be Used “In-Marriage” Not only In-Divorce

signing a legal document

A Qualified Domestic Relations Order (“QDRO”) is typically used during a divorce to divide assets between couples from a qualified account(s), such as a 401(k), without triggering a tax penalty. Although this Federal law was created to help simplify divorce proceedings, it does not limit the law to divorce. An “In-Marriage QDRO” is now being…

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