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Cheerful business partners in office working with documents

U is for Unmarried Couples Need Financial & Legal Documents too!

Many adults choose to partner together without a marriage certificate; entirely a personal choice with no judgment, however, the proper legal documents can help protect your partnership in the event of disentanglement or death. Unmarried couples, regardless of the length of the relationship are classified as unrelated individuals in the eyes of the law. Should […]

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Stages of businesswoman life

F is for: Financial Mistakes We Make Through Different Life Stages

  Our lives are constantly changing, and so is our relationship with money. Each stage brings new financial challenges and questions that need to be addressed so that we may strategize a plan for future financial security. We must take into consideration our age, the economy at present and our money history. Remember with each […]

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C is for Closing Cost

C is for Closing on a Home can Cost you Cash

Congratulations you’re in the market to buy a home; this is an exciting time in life and knowing all of the in’s and out’s for the first time buyer can be overwhelming. You begin by searching for the desired home in the preferred location for an affordable price. This alone can be overwhelming, but before […]

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Vehicle Accident

N is for do you NEED Gap Insurance?

  What is Gap Insurance and why would you NEED to purchase this insurance? GAP insurance generally covers the difference between what your car is worth and what you still owe the finance company, should you experience a total loss of your vehicle due to an accident or theft. GAP insurance is necessary when leasing […]

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log on

P is for Protecting Your Digital Estate.

  Have you considered the amount of digital assets you have out there in cyber space?  Today many of us access our banking, financial accounts and brokerage accounts directly on line. We also have web based business sites, blogs, social media accounts, email account, eBooks, digital music…the list can go on. These digital assets could […]

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U is for Understanding Your Credit Score.

    Did you know that a simple three-digit number may stand between you and a car loan or home mortgage? This number is your credit score! Do you know that in the past you weren’t able to view this score? Well today, thanks to pressure from Congress and consumer groups, you can and should […]

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O is for Options to consider before divorce

O is for Options to Consider Before You File for Divorce.

  The decision to leave your marriage is very serious and can lead to many unforeseen consequences. So before you take this final step, please consider all of your Options. Try counseling, it may possibly help resolve differences in your present relationship. Throughout our lives, we all experience change in ourselves and our circumstance — […]

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Health Savings Account

M is for Medical Insurance after Divorce.

Your health is your most important asset! Taking the proper steps to insure that you are covered by medical insurance after your divorce will help protect you. If you were covered under your spouse’s employer, once the divorce is final you will need to obtain health insurance for yourself. It ismost important that there is […]

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J is for Finances and Job Loss

J is for Financial Planning after a Job Loss.

Losing a job can be devastating news, but not having a financial plan in place can only make matters worse. Chances are, finding a new job in today’s economy may take some time. This is why it is important to take a moment to strategize your finances. You can start by realistically accessing your situation. Calculate […]

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B is for Bankruptcy in Divorce

B is for Bankruptcy During a Divorce.

    Are you and your spouse heading towards divorce? Divorce can be one of life’s most stressful and emotional situations. If you combine this with filing for bankruptcy, you can find yourself in a very traumatic situation. According to an article in USA Today, “Nearly 90% of all families with children who filed for […]

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