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T is for Time to Teach Your Children About Money

As parents, our number one goal is to raise children with good manners and stellar ethics. We strive to pass on the importance of hard work, accountability, and discipline to our children. We want to encourage the best behaviors so that they find their passion and enjoy a full and happy life. Unfortunately, we can’t […]

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O is for Overspending and How to Stop it!

An Excerpt from our new book available on Amazon Chicks, Chat and Change – “The Money Tree” “To overspend Well I don’t dare – Of budgeting I am aware.” Fighting the urge to spend more money than we have can be tricky in this overly consumer driven world. But teaching children how to combat all […]

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K is for Keeping Track of Your Kids Online

  Thanks to rapidly growing technology we have the world at our fingertips. While this is generally a positive thing, sometimes it can be a negative thing for our children. Kids are more likely to make bad decisions online. They are more likely to post things they will later regret, post inappropriate photos, and get […]

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Should You Give Your Children an Allowance?

Ask yourself–what is the purpose of the allowance? First- Do you need an allowance to teach your kids on how being part of a family means working together for the mutual benefit of everyone?– The risk of giving your kids money through an allowance is that it may lead your children to believe that money […]

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More Ways to teach your kids about money

1)  Take the youngsters with you to a credit union (or a bank) when you open their savings accounts. I still remember how old I felt when I went to North Carolina National Bank to deposit my birthday money.   Beginning the regular savings habit early is one of the keys to savings success. 2) Don’t […]

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Ways to teach your kids about money

Let’s talk about ways you can teach your kids about money: First As soon as children can count, introduce them to money. Take an active role because repetition and observing others are the two methods they learn by. Second communicate with your children about your values concerning money and how to save it, make it grow […]

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V is for the Value of a College Diploma.

Your high school senior is now beginning the exciting, yet somewhat arduous task of deciding which college will best suit their needs. When it comes to making a better life for one’s self, what could be better than starting out with a college degree? Yet, many graduates, diploma in hand – return home to live […]

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T is for “Teaching your Teen” to Manage Money.

  In order for a teen to have full ownership of their financial future they will need some important money management lessons.  Parents have a tremendous influence and can help their teen’s financial literacy improve today. You may begin by pointing out that we all need to be educated when making money decisions and planning […]

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Q is for a Quick Guide on Dealing with your Boomerang Kid

Q is for a Quick Guide on Dealing with your Boomerang Kid.

  In recent years, a growing number of young adults have joined the boomerang generation. According to Pew Research Center – 29% of adult kids aged 25 to 34 find themselves moving back in with their parent(s). This is due in part to a stressed economy and tight job market. The quest for independence with […]

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G is for Gifting Money to Your Children.

Helping our children is wonderful. Every parent wants to make their child’s journey through life easier and more secure. If you are fortunate enough to be in a financially solid position, gifting can be a perfect vehicle to help educate children about money, financial responsibility and family heritage. Communication is the key to educating them […]

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