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snow ball effect

S is for the Snowball Method.

  The Snowball Method to Paying Off Debt. Where to Start? Try this simple method for paying off credit cards…    Step 1 Make a list of all your credit cards. Put them in order from the highest balance to the smallest balance. Step 2 To pay off your cards, start with the card that […]

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Division of property at divorce

F is for Financial Impact of a Divorce.

Divorce can extract a heavy price — both emotionally and financially. Protecting your financial health during a divorce is crucial. If you and your spouse are headed toward a split, be sure to learn about the laws that shape divorce proceedings and the impact they can have on your assets. Dividing the Assets Typically, everything you and your spouse […]

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Personal Balance sheet-

B is for Balance Sheet.

What does Balance Sheet mean?  Just like a company, you and your family have measurable assets and liabilities.  When you are getting divorced and dividing the assets, you need to determine the values and  ownership titles so you can divide them fairly. Assets include your house, cars, furniture, stocks, bonds, pension, annuities, boat, royalty income, land, family businesses, […]

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explaining kids money

X is for eXplaining money to your kids.

In the consumer-based society we live in, kids often don’t understand the concept of money as well as we’d like. That is where you come in. The best way to secure your kids’ financial future is to help them start understanding finances early. Many experts believe that kids as young as 3 are ready to […]

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CPA interview

AZ Asks: How Can a CPA Help in a Divorce.

Whether you are facing a pending divorce or the settlement papers have been filed, it’s time to take control of your life and finances. In many situations, husbands have paid the bills, filed the annual income taxes and planned for retirement. Suddenly these tasks are yours! What do you do and who can you turn to […]

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Money and Divorce

M is for MANAGE your Money

Your upcoming divorce implies that you will be in charge of managing your money. This may or may not have been an area in your partnership where you and your ex worked very well together. Unfortunately, many women defer the management of their money decisions to their husbands. It may seem difficult to understand since […]

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