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British GP examining young child with mother

R is for the New “Retirement Reality”

Many of us see ourselves retiring before we hit seventy but the reality of this happening is becoming more of a dream. As a matter of fact, a growing number of Americans are embracing this new reality and driving themselves to work well into their 70s. A new Bankrate survey finds 70 percent of people […]

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Y is for Yahoo You’re Fifty – time to take a good look at your finances

It’s never too late! Start right now, live within your means and secure your financial future. Don’t let today’s marketing campaigns lead you down a materialistic path. Find your happiness in things that fit your budget or that cost nothing at all; this alone could be the solution to many of your financial woes. Don’t […]

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Close-up of stressed shopaholic sitting on sofa surrounded by paperbags

X if for You need to eXpel Your Urge to Overspend

We are human, so naturally, we are flawed.  But we also have great control over our actions; well sort of! As you know, some challenges are harder than others, but with knowledge and hard work, we DO have the ability to eXpel bad behaviors and initiate healthy change in our lives. For change to occur, […]

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Autumn card

N is for “NO” more Shopping on Black Thursday a.k.a. Thanksgiving

Over the years, traditional Black Friday has morphed into Thanksgiving Day becoming the start of the holiday shopping season. I don’t know about you, but Thanksgiving Day has always been a day for family, friends, and festivities. Do you really want your guest leaving early, especially, after all, the hard work and time spent preparing […]

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the world in your hands (Earth map furnished by NASA)

M is for Make Inclusiveness a Priority

Our country has been divided of late, and that’s okay, because as Americans we have a right to our own thoughts and opinions. However, we should keep in mind that our country was founded on “inclusion” and “respect” for all. Our doors were open to every race, the poor, and the sick, regardless of creed […]

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Road Out of Debt Financial Problem Money Help

L is for Lost in Debt – Take Control with a Solid Financial Plan

Money troubles happen, whether you are living paycheck to paycheck or bringing home a hefty salary. When we find ourselves spending more than we can afford this leads to “money troubles” which in turn can cause lots of stress in our day to day lives; but the good news is it doesn’t have to be […]

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Green Business Strategy

K is for Know Your Investment Strategy

You know “You” – better than anyone else, so when planning your investment strategy make sure you incorporate all that is relevant to your individual financial needs and goals. In turn, you or your advisor will have greater insight when designing a holistic investment plan unique to you. There are some very critical areas; that […]

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Zuraw Financial Advisors – Proud Sponsors of the Greensboro Science Center

Please Join us in supporting our Science Center Friday September 25, 2015 7:00 – 11:00 p.m. For Tickets and Information go to: 2015 See To Believe Gala  

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AZ Asks Advisor View

AZ Asks Advisor Views How to Keep Emotions in Check When Making Investment Decisions.

A feature from Ann Zuraw, Zuraw Financial Advisors, LLC. Advisor Views offers timely investment news and market updates designed to keep you informed, while enhancing your overall investment experience. Keep Emotions in Check When Making Investment Decisions The continuing sluggish economy has pushed some investors’ emotions to the extreme. Deciding what to do with your […]

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women's resource center

Chicks Chat and Change Presents “Financial Issues to Consider during Divorce”

“Financial Issues to Consider during Divorce” Thursdays • February 28 & March 7, 2013 5:30 – 7:00pm • (2-Part series) Women’s Resource Center of Greensboro • 628 Summit Ave. • Greensboro, NC •27405 (336) 275-6090  Registration Required • Childcare not provided Class 1 – February 28th: • Financial Issues to Consider during Divorce • […]

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