G is for Going from Giddy to Glum

G is for Going from Giddy to Glum

Congratulations! You got your college degree; this is something to be giddy about. After all you spent four years or more of your life working hard to achieve this goal. You should be happy and proud! So don’t let the fact that a year later, you haven’t already found the perfect career make you glum.

As one of the millennial you may find the job search extremely challenging. Today’s workforce holds an abundance of educated people with continued issues of unemployment rates. So finding the right place for you may not happen as quickly as say it did for your parent’s generation. As hard as it may be to see the positive sides of your situation think about the money habits you are being force to embrace. These habits may be laying the foundation for an optimistic financial future.

How is this possible you ask? Well, you have found yourself underemployed for the last year, having to live a frugal life, watching every dollar you spend and making sure you don’t spend more than you need or your worst nightmare having to acquire more debt on top of your college loans.

Congratulations! You now hold the key to avoiding the temptation of American consumerism and determining spending priorities…wants vs. needs. This is a huge lesson to carry forth through life – this is nothing to be glum about!

In order to stay gleeful continue to utilize the frugal lifestyle — this does not mean you need to give up everything you enjoy, rather continue to buy what you need, making smart consumer choices and prioritizing your wants. By living a frugal and sustainable life, saving regularly, investing wisely and avoiding debt you may find your savings and investment accounts growing faster than those who have not yet learned this valuable lesson.

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