Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day

Labor Day has been an American tradition and federal holiday since 1894. Today we celebrate Labor Day as individuals and as a nation while we pay tribute to each American for their hard work and diligent contribution to our country.

In light of recent events, let us honor the respect to labors of our fellow citizens who have come together to help the those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey has caused thousands to lose their homes, their belongings and their sense of security. Uncertain of how long it will take to rebuild the lives, many are facing enormous emotional, physical and financial challenges.

The willingness of rescuers, volunteers, and citizens helping those in need is a selfless act of kindness and generosity. Labor Day is an opportunity to pause and recognize the efforts of our work. This Labor Day may we pause and honor the united efforts of the on-going labor involved in healing and repairing the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. Thank you to every American involved.

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