Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving


Dear Readers,

I want to extend my deep gratitude for your patronage of my blog and video blog. My success is due to the multitude of support I have received from all of you.

Once again, I would like to invite you to begin a daily practice of Gratitude. Studies show Gratitude heightens your quality of life, and will create happiness when practiced daily. It can improve your relationships, your health and it reduces stress. Gratitude puts your focus on the abundance that is already present in your life, and keeps you from focusing on what may be lacking. Once you start a practice of daily gratitude, it will help shift old habits and develop an appreciation of life’s simple pleasures.

Today start bringing gratitude to your life. Instead of waiting for a positive experience, create a positive experience. Extend kindness to strangers, write a note of gratitude to someone that has touched your life, and think all good thoughts…just for today. Once you begin, Thanksgiving doesn’t come one day a year but can be any day throughout the year.

Best Wishes at Thanksgiving,




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