I is for Should I Stay or Should I go now?

I is for Should I Stay or Should I go now?

We all desire relationships that grow succeed and make us happy. We long for comfort, understanding, support and companionship from another. Most of us believe love is the greatest gift we can give, and the greatest gift we can receive.

Then why do so many of us end up in failed relationships and divorce? Do we throw in the towel too soon? Should we stay and face the conflicts and challenges? Is it possible that over 50% of couples truly don’t belong together?

The answer to these questions will of course vary from couple to couple. And yes there are hurtful, abusive relationships that need to be dissolved.

But maybe, just maybe if we all kept in mind that loving another is a choice to be made daily. Each and every morning we must wake up and resolve to love this human beside us, in the good moments and the bad. We must remember it takes consistent daily practice to master the art of a relationship and love. We are the creator of our life and we can mold our relationships to be the masterpiece we desire. It may not be easy and we may have to work hard to repair issues that we all had a hand in creating.

Starting with small acts of kindness–like the ones that were there in the beginning can make a world of difference. A touch on the face, a smile from across the room, a text for no reason but to say I love you softens the hard places in the relationship. We all want to feel pampered, nurtured and loved by each other. Putting forth the effort to reconnect can help you know, “Should I stay of should I go?

So when life gets busy…remember to prioritize “nurturing the gift of love”. The effort you put forth now…may provide you with a gift worth working toward.

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