J is for Join Us in “Giving”

 J is for Join Us in Giving

Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects. – Dalai Lama Giving may be one of life’s greatest joys!

Giving may be one of life’s greatest joys! Haven’t you found that giving to another brings joy to oneself? Through much research, science has found that humans are inherently social beings that are hard-wired to be generous. Believe it or not generosity is, in part, a survival instinct. We continue to thrive as a species because we continue to take care of each other. The latest studies have shown that giving and generosity are linked to better health and happiness. People just feel better about themselves and the world around them when they generous at heart.

Giving doesn’t necessarily have to be done monetarily. Giving of time, talents and service are also ways of giving back. There are a variety of volunteer groups and organizations that you can join to help provide assistance to those in need and contribute to your local community or to the global community. So volunteer, offer your skills, donate to charity to find a way to give back to humanity. There are many on-line opportunities

Many times even the smallest acts of kindness can ignite change and positively affect others by providing a renewed sense of hope. Whether it’s of time, service or monetary contribution, numerous charitable opportunities are listed on-line. For example, Donors Choose or Volunteer Match are two excellent choices in allowing the donor to choose or to have matching contributions. So, join with your community and fellow contributors in giving to make your community and this world a better place.

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