U is for Understanding the Benefits of Ergonomics in the Office

  As a business owner, you want to make sure your employees stay happy, healthy and injury free. Establishing the optimal office and work conditions are essential to creating healthy and productive employees. Working under improper ergonomic conditions every day for long hours can lead to a variety of ailments, particularly with the arms, back, […]

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Trading Apathy for Action

T is for Trading Apathy for Action

  Apathy is defined as a lack of interest, enthusiasm or concern. What makes apathy so peculiar,  is the “feeling of not feeling” is almost like going numb. When we feel the joy and energy for important things in our life is missing, but we lack the motivation to change our circumstances – we may […]

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Ann Zuraw One of the Social Media All-Stars of the Financial Advice Community

  With thousands of followers, these industry leaders are using Twitter and other platforms to find new clients, colleagues and friends Ann Zuraw @AZanswers President, Zuraw Financial Advisors Twitter followers: 12,029 Ann Zuraw started using social media as a branding tool for her firm, but her accounts grew into go-to financial news feeds for retail […]

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S is for Strengthen Your Life Energy25

S is for Strengthen the Energy of Your Life

   “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”  – Tony Robbins   “It’s the beliefs you have right now that are guiding your actions,” according to Tony Robbins, author, and life coach. He believes that if we can master our beliefs, we can guide our decisions. It makes sense that our […]

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R is for Redefining Relationships

R is for Redefining Relationships

Religion, politics, and families set the stage for traditional relationships. Marriage was about security, and then it was sanctioned by religious expectations. According to Esther Perel, author of Mating in Captivity  “In the past when couples married they married for life. It was irrelevant whether you liked them or not. If you were unhappy, at […]

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The Kings and Queens of Social Media

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Q is for Question You Airline Rewards Points%

Q is for Question What Happens to Your Frequent Flyer Miles if You No Longer Exist?

Have you taken a moment to think about all the Airline Miles you have acquired over the years? If you are like many of us, you have been saving them for a trip of a lifetime, those fabulous family vacations, or maybe that second honeymoon. But what if something were to happen to you, what […]

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Protecting Ourselves Online

P is for Protecting Ourselves Online

  Cyber Crime continues to be a growing threat, yet it will not deter millions around the world from using the internet. After all, the internet has opened the doors of worldwide communication. Today we can connect, communicate and share information with a click of a button. We can listen to music, stream videos, read […]

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O is for “Ouch” – Can Yoga Be Dangerous?

There are contradicting reports on Yoga and Injuries but compared to most types of exercise yoga, in theory, should have a much lower rate of injury than say high impact aerobics or running. But with any form of exercise, there is always a potential risk of injury. A Yoga in America Study conducted by the […]

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Cybersecurity Article

Ann Zuraw Answers Investment News – 8 Apps Advisers Love For Getting Stuff Done


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