Q is for the Quality of Spending during the Holidays

 Quality of Spending during the Holidays

We all want to enjoy the holidays and partake in festivities like; decorating, shopping for gifts, hosting holiday parties and going to holiday shows, but all of this may present a challenge to our finances.

Most of us cherish the hustle and bustle of the season but overspending and trying to handle money stress doesn’t help make the holiday special, nor does it help to start the New Year off in debt. So what can we do to avoid this stress? Perhaps simplification is in order, so let’s take a moment to reflect on what is truly important during the holidays and what we can do to avoid money stress

Yes, the holidays have morphed into a time to spend with retailers offering discounts and advertisers bombarding us with all the latest styles, gadgets and toys; we have come to believe it is natural to spend, spend, spend. What we forget is the holidays are ”simply about family traditions,” and ‘togetherness.” So this holiday season put less emphasis on gift giving, decorating and expensive meals, and instead, concentrate on activities that bring people together, arouse joy, and deepen spiritual connection. ‘Tis the season for making traditions that will be handed down from generation to generation.

Happy Holidays to All!

Best Wishes, AZ


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