Questions from AZ – What’s Inside your Purse?

What’s in your purse? Do you have fears of becoming a bag lady? If you answered yes, you are not alone. According to a recent Survey by the Harris Group, 46% of the women who were surveyed said that they worried about losing all of their money and literally becoming a bag lady. 54 percent of women surveyed also said they were always “struggling to make ends meet ” and that they were “hoping that Prince Charming will make everything OK.”

No matter what financial level women are at, they do fear losing everything and ending up on the streets. Having a high yearly income apparently does not even elevate this fear.
Among women with incomes over $100,000, 48 percent still imagined themselves digging through the garbage, or whatever else bag ladies do.

According to the same survey, what women really want is financial security and rated it 15 to 20 times more important than money-related status or respect.

Since you don’t want to hang your financial hat on Prince Charming making everything OK, which bag are you working towards carrying in the future?

Questions from AZ

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