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O is for Options to consider before divorce

O is for Options to Consider Before You File for Divorce.

  The decision to leave your marriage is very serious and can lead to many unforeseen consequences. So before you take this final step, please consider all of your Options. Try counseling, it may possibly help resolve differences in your present relationship. Throughout our lives, we all experience change in ourselves and our circumstance — […]

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Happy child with painted hands

N is for Nurturing your Children through Divorce.

Going through a divorce is an emotionally challenging time for everyone involved including the children. This can be hard when you are totally immersed in your own pain, but they need to be first on your list when it comes to nurturing. Being aware of their pain will help you put their needs at the […]

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D is for: Is Divorce Good or Bad for the Children?

  Ultimately, the decision to divorce is up to the adults in the marriage. The question is though, will the divorce be Good or Bad for the children? The answer can depend on what is actually happening in the home before the divorce. Studies show that in homes where there is a lot of conflict […]

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B is for Bankruptcy in Divorce

B is for Bankruptcy During a Divorce.

    Are you and your spouse heading towards divorce? Divorce can be one of life’s most stressful and emotional situations. If you combine this with filing for bankruptcy, you can find yourself in a very traumatic situation. According to an article in USA Today, “Nearly 90% of all families with children who filed for […]

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tax advice

AZ Asks Sue Bean, CPA: About Taxation and Divorce

 Sue A. Bean is a CPA with more than 25 years of accounting experience and the president-elect of the Piedmont Chapter of the North Carolina Association of CPAs – to answer some common questions. She works with family law attorneys in analyzing financial information for divorce mediation and litigation. Her practice includes individual tax preparation, […]

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X is for eXtreme Stress during Divorce

X is for How to Deal with eXtreme Stress During a Divorce

      The divorce process—whether it be legal, financial or emotional — is likely to cause you eXtreme stress. This stress puts your body under a tremendous strain and can cause physical as well as emotional damage and aliments. Over the years, it has been medically and psychologically proven that stress breaks down the […]

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U is for the Ups and Downs of Marriage

U is for the Ups and Downs of Marriage.

  We are all different and unique individuals, and so are our relationships. Dealing with each other has its Ups and Downs, and marital problems can occur no matter how much you love each other. It may be financial, emotionally, spiritually or physically – we have all had our bad moments. How do you know […]

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win-win concept

N is for Negotiate

Whether we want to admit it or not, negotiating is a very big part of our everyday lives. The ability to negotiate is intended to help us compromise and resolve differences and it can also help us gain an advantage. During a divorce, negotiation is essential in satisfying the various interest of each party. The […]

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Love Yourself

AZ asks: Tamela Duncan advice on ReCreating our Relationships

Tamela is also an extremely talented musician who created Family Secrets CD as a therapeutic composition for healing. As one reviewer eloquently put it, “The music and lyrics on Tamela Duncan’s CD, Family Secrets, are melodiously moving with words that, if you listen well, reach down into your very soul.” For the past decade, she has […]

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Division of property at divorce

F is for Financial Impact of a Divorce.

Divorce can extract a heavy price — both emotionally and financially. Protecting your financial health during a divorce is crucial. If you and your spouse are headed toward a split, be sure to learn about the laws that shape divorce proceedings and the impact they can have on your assets. Dividing the Assets Typically, everything you and your spouse […]

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