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X is for eXamine Your Spending Habits After a Divorce

“eXamine” your spending habits

  Getting a divorce means splitting with your partner as well as splitting the assets in your marriage. Your financial situation will change, which makes it the perfect time to “eXamine” your spending habits and make the necessary adjustments to keep you on the right track financially. Every divorce comes with its own unique financial…

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G is for Gifts and Divorce

One of the hardest things about finalizing a divorce is splitting up shared assets. Most people, when happily married, believe in sharing everything equally. Unfortunately that mindset shifts quickly during a divorce. If you have inherited money, a family business, or property, it may be hard to keep those gifts to yourself after a divorce.…

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L is for Listening is Simply the Best Advice

We’ve all been in that sensitive spot when a friend or loved one confides in us about a touchy subject. We want to give advice and we want to be there for our friends. But more often than not, we do not have the “correct or best” advice, and trying to give advice can often…

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X is for eX-Spouse and Staying Friends Have you tried it?

  Is staying friends with your eX-spouse a possibility? No matter what the reason for a breakup, ending an intimate relationship is a complicated process and more couples than not find it difficult to maintain a friendship, especially if the relationship was hostile. But for parents, life after divorce will require some level of communication…

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W is for What Type of Divorce Do You Wish to Have?

Divorce can be a painful and challenging process. Many emotions plaque both parties and make it tough to proceed with dignity and kindness during the settlement process. Having the strength to get past the pain and accept that the end of the relationship is the best possible solution! It will help make sorting out your…

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