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L is for Leaving Values in a Legacy

  “What you leave behind is not what is engraved on stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” — Pericles (c.495 – 429 BC) A legacy is an individuals’ imprint left behind to benefit future generations. Each of us will leave a legacy. Our legacies are the creation of our values,…

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I is for Inheritance and Spending it Wisely.

Receiving an inheritance can help make a difference in many of our lives. It may offer us an opportunity for a comfortable retirement, home purchase or a college education to name just a few life changing possibilities. Inherited money has its own unique challenges and often evokes a wide range of emotions. Whether these feelings are…

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U if for Underestimating the Complexities of Social Security

When making a choice regarding your social security benefits remember that this decision will last you a lifetime.  So please explore all the benefits or drawbacks before you solidify your choices. Under current law, the full Social Security retirement age for baby boomers is 66 to age 67. Starting these payments at this time may…

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R is for Raising Financially RESPONSIBLE Children.

Most parents will have the drug and the sex talks with their children, but what about the money talks? Statistics show that very few adults have been educated properly on how to manage their own money. This may be indicative of the enormous amount of personal debt our society is facing right now. Today’s parents…

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Fabulous Financial Facts – Tax Strategies for Job Hunters

Ann Zuraw Greenboro NC Financial Advisor (1) If you are one of the many who became unemployed or have had to move out of town to find a job, you may qualify for additional tax deductions for the year as long as you are searching for a job within your current occupation. You are still allowed to still take deductions even…

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