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Being Tech Savvy will Help Protect Your Finances by @AZanswers

Today’s world has a new peril called cyber-attacks they happen every day. Don’t let it happen to you! Below are a few tips to help you on your way to being tech savvy. Be Sure and take our quiz below and see how well you score. P – Proceed with caution when using personal checks…

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R is for Raising Financially RESPONSIBLE Children.

Most parents will have the drug and the sex talks with their children, but what about the money talks? Statistics show that very few adults have been educated properly on how to manage their own money. This may be indicative of the enormous amount of personal debt our society is facing right now. Today’s parents…

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AZ Asks Advisor Views How to Keep Emotions in Check When Making Investment Decisions.

A feature from Ann Zuraw, Zuraw Financial Advisors, LLC. Advisor Views offers timely investment news and market updates designed to keep you informed, while enhancing your overall investment experience. Keep Emotions in Check When Making Investment Decisions The continuing sluggish economy has pushed some investors’ emotions to the extreme. Deciding what to do with your…

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K is for Keeping Holiday Spending under Control.

The holiday season fills most of us with excitement, nostalgia and anticipation. We look forward to holiday festivities, beautiful decorations, special gatherings and the exchange of gifts between family and friends. What we sometime forget during all the hustle and bustle is not to get in over our head in debt. In order to avoid…

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