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SHE OWNS IT Let’s say you inherited an IRA from your parents, or you’re the beneficiary of an inheritance from your beloved Grandmother. Or your business is finally doing so well (after many years of hard work and losses), that you have more income than you imagined.  All of a sudden with this financial improvement,…

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Women’s Resource Center & Chicks, Chat and Change!

Ann Zuraw, CFP®, CFA®, CDFA ™  Thursday • November 14, 2013 5:30 – 7:00pm Join us for a conversation about how women handle their money based on their history and beliefs. We will CHAT about motivating new CHANGE to better serve your financial needs. Women’s Resource Center of Greensboro •  628 Summit Ave. • Greensboro,…

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H is for How Does Your Money History Affect You Today?

    We all have different values, attitudes, and behaviors that are unique to us based on our life experiences. These experiences and lessons extend to our emotional connection with money. The lessons learned from our parents or caregivers regarding money can follow us into adulthood. Some of these lessons will help you while others…

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Questions from AZ: Your Money History

As a child, what was the most important lesson you learned about money? Does it affect the way you save and/or spend your money? Has it affected you in a positive or negative way? Example of my family going to the racetrack.

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Chicks, Chat and Change

              Welcome to Chicks, Chat and Change. I am Ann Zuraw. The name Chicks, Chat and Change says it all! The best way that I have found to make change or improvements in my life is to CHIT CHAT about it. The focus of my video blog is on…

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