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Conceptional drawing of Financial planning

E is for Engage to Educate You about Your Financial Future

When is the last engagement you had with your financial planner? Just as you go to the Doctor when you want an answer regarding your body, you should have regular financial checkups with your advisor.  If your finances feel uncertain or questionable, engage with your advisor to gain information and education about your present or […]

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Road Out of Debt Financial Problem Money Help

L is for Lost in Debt – Take Control with a Solid Financial Plan

Money troubles happen, whether you are living paycheck to paycheck or bringing home a hefty salary. When we find ourselves spending more than we can afford this leads to “money troubles” which in turn can cause lots of stress in our day to day lives; but the good news is it doesn’t have to be […]

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J is for the Justifying your Spending Habits are you Frugal or Cheap?

  Do you pride yourself on being frugal? Not so fast, there’s a fine line between being frugal and being an outright cheapskate. To me, frugal can be a positive approach to managing your finances. A frugal saver understands, “more” doesn’t always add up to better value. Their primary goal leads them to maximize spending […]

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Indian woman in sari dress groceries shopping

V is for Go Vegetarian, Save Dollars & the Planet!

  Choosing a vegetarian lifestyle is a very personal choice made for many different reasons. We may want to live healthier lives, improve our health, reduce pollution or do our part to preserve the earth’s natural resources. Our motives may vary but can a vegetarian diet actually save you money? First, let’s consider the health […]

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tax  word cloud

T is for Tax Mistakes You Should Avoid

There is no doubt our tax laws can be complicated. The continued expansion of our tax code, along with its complexity, helps to create a playground for common mistakes. Making one of these mistakes, no matter how small, may result in underpayment, overpayment or delays on your refund. Let’s go over some of the most common […]

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Advisor views Human Capital

AZ Asks Advisor Views

Advisor Views A feature from Ann Zuraw, Zuraw Financial Advisors,   LLC. Advisor Views offers timely investment news and market updates designed to keep you informed, while        enhancing your overall investment experience. Human Capital: Don’t Overlook this Important Asset Class  When considering asset classes, most investors think of things such as stocks and bonds, commodities or real estate. Each […]

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S is for a Successful Financial Future

S is for a Successful Financial Future

One of the most important lessons when planning for a successful financial future is finding a way to control your money instead of letting it control you. Success is about your choices, priorities, values and the development of healthy financial habits. The following tips may help lead you to financial comfort, contentment and a valued […]

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Reinvent Yourself after divorce

R is for “Reinventing” yourself after divorce

If you let it, divorce can send you spiraling into deep depression, where you become the victim or it can shake you out of complacency and into the action.  Choose the latter and open yourself to new experiences and begin reinventing yourself. Start looking to the future … The past is the past… Focus on […]

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Mother and baby in dining room with laptop smiling

Q is for “Should I Quit My Job to raise the children”?

Are you thinking about quitting you job to devote more time at home to raise your kids? This is a question many women struggle with when children come along. After all, taking care of children and a full-time career can be overwhelming. But quitting your job should not be done impulsively; there are many questions […]

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young business woman drowning in paperwork

P is for Paper Overload and You

Being smart and organized with your finances can sometimes come with a price: Paper Overload. It’s easy to get lost under stacks of paperwork cluttering your desk at home and at work, because most of the time it’s hard to know what to keep and what to toss.  Luckily we live in an age where […]

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