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I is for Interesting Things Couples Put In Their Prenup

  Prenuptial agreements have become more common for a lot of couples in recent years. In part, this is due to many Americans marrying later in life and bringing with them more assets to protect. Prenups may not be the most romantic subject matter, but they can help alleviate the need to get attorneys involved…

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Why a Prenuptial Agreement Does Not Protect Your Assets

Why a Prenuptial Agreement Does Not Protect Your Assets – Women Money and Divorce

Is a Trust is Right for You? Click Here   Consider Using a Trust to keep control of your assets and private. A Trust situs of South Dakota has advantages over a prenuptial agreement. You can still retain control through the Directed Trust Structure and not have to sign a prenuptial agreement. Take our survey…

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P is For Prenuptial. Is it Good or Bad for Your Marriage?

A  Prenuptial Agreement seems so unromantic or maybe just plain wrong. It also brings about much controversy — I love you dear, but sign this agreement, so everything is in order when we divorce. Some say starting a marriage this way destroys the mutual trust right from the beginning. Others argue that it will help…

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