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P is For Prenuptial. Is it Good or Bad for Your Marriage?

A  Prenuptial Agreement seems so unromantic or maybe just plain wrong. It also brings about much controversy. I love you dear, but sign this agreement; so everything is in order when we divorce. Some say starting a marriage this way destroys the mutual trust right from the beginning. Others argue that it will help keep…

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M is for Medical Insurance after Divorce


Your health is your most important asset! Taking the proper steps to insure that you are covered by medical insurance after your divorce will help protect you. If you were covered under your spouse’s employer, once the divorce is final you will need to obtain health insurance for yourself. It ismost important that there is…

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E is for How Expensive Will Your Divorce Be?

Until you find yourself in the middle of a divorce, you can’t be fully aware of all the expenses involved. So before you take a major step towards divorce, let’s take a moment to consider what some of the financial implications are that you may encounter along the way. The amount of conflict while ending…

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D is for: Is Divorce Good or Bad for the Children?

  Ultimately, the decision to divorce is up to the adults in the marriage. The question is though, will the divorce be Good or Bad for the children? The answer can depend on what is actually happening in the home before the divorce. Studies show that in homes where there is a lot of conflict…

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