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J is for Jeopardizing an IRA Transfer

                About to Rollover an IRA? You may be leaving one provider for another or it may be that you’re leaving a job. Whatever the reason, before you begin initiating an IRA rollover beware of some common mistakes that may jeopardize your account. Time Limit – you have […]

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What is the Number One Concern about Retirement?

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What money should I take first in retirement?

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Ann Zuraw Asks – What is your Investment Risk Profile?

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B is for Balancing Your Budget During Widowhood

As a recent widow, you will need to review and perhaps adjust your cash-flow needs. A common misconception among many widows is they believe their expenses will go down when they are by themselves. This may be true in some cases, but it doesn’t necessarily apply to all widows. Actually, in some cases your expenses […]

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A is for Accomplishing What Needs to Be Done during Widowhood

  Becoming a widow is painful, devastating and stressful. In addition to the emotional sorrow that comes with the loss of a loved one, you now have to face financial and legal decisions on your own. Taking care of your financial affairs is an important priority as a widow. Here are just some of the […]

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Women’s Resource Center & Chicks, Chat and Change!

    Ann Zuraw, CFP®, CFA®, CDFA ™  Thursday • November 14, 2013 5:30 – 7:00pm Join us for a conversation about how women handle their money based on their history and beliefs. We will CHAT about motivating new CHANGE to better serve your financial needs.   Women’s Resource Center of Greensboro •  628 Summit […]

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I is for Inheritance and Spending it Wisely.

Receiving an inheritance can help make a difference in many of our lives. It may offer us an opportunity for a comfortable retirement, home purchase or a college education to name just a few life changing possibilities. Inherited money has its own unique challenges and often evokes a wide range of emotions. Whether these feelings are […]

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Y is for Generation Y — The Millennials and Their Future.

Each generation seems to produce their own personality and style due to major events and trends during their life history. The Millennial’s, or Generation Y, has begun to create unique traits which include; self-expression, confidence, technological expertise, tattoo body parts and the aptitude to be open to change. This Generation is becoming the most educated […]

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