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What’s inside Your Purse? – Newlyweds

What’s inside Your Purse – Newlyweds

The stories I am hearing are wonderful and right on target for our financial discussions and I will be sharing them with you in upcoming videos. Here’s today’s story. Early on in her marriage, a young newlywed decided that she would be diligent about using coupons for everything and she always would take the savings…

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D is for Getting a Better Deal on Cable

Our economy today simply doesn’t allow us to spend frivolously on expenses. So how do we negotiate a cable bill when we continue to experience its steady rise in cost? One remedy would be phone negotiations: Step 1 – be prepared to negotiated with you cable company. In most cases they will work with you.…

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CHANGE at Chicks Chat and Change

Chicks Chat and Change

Chicks, Chat and Change officially launched January 2012. And since then we have been evolving and changing to meet your needs. The one thing that hasn’t changed though, is our continued focus on women. And the challenges they face in today’s financial world. We used the word change in the title because CHANGE can have…

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What’s Inside Your Purse?

Welcome to Chicks, Chat and Change. Hi! I am Ann Zuraw. My first question is usually what’s in your purse? But today, I am going to ask you hopefully what’s not in your purse. Here are just a few things.Let’s start off with your Social Security Card—this is the one thing that can identify almost…

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Questions from AZ: What’s inside your purse?

Did you ever wonder where the purse originated from? The purse began as a symbol more than as a fashion accessory. In the 15th century grooms gave their brides wedding purses that were elaborately embroidered with love stories and filled with coins. The purse symbol ized the womb and the hopes that the bride would…

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