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B is for Baffling Social Security Decisions & Navigating the Right Choices

  If you’re nearing the age of 62, you would greatly benefit by doing some homework to figure out what Social Security choices are available. Having choices seems like a great option;  however, navigating Social Security language and determining the best selections can be overwhelming. To help you avoid costly mistakes that could possibly result…

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Q is for Quick Tips to Help Keep Your Social Security Account Safe

Today, identity theft is a crime on the rise, with no end in sight, the more technology available, the easier it is to steal others information. The safety of our identity can cause concern, as it can be a costly and stressful threat to our personal lives, and affects millions regularly. But by being on…

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Y is for Your New Social Security Claiming Rules

Hear Yee, hear Yee, change is coming and it will effect social security claiming options.  The passage of the Bipartisan Budget Bill of 2015 will end two major Social Security claiming strategies for married couples and will become practice by April 29, 2016. However, if you are married and turning at least 62 this year,…

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U if for Underestimating the Complexities of Social Security

When making a choice regarding your social security benefits remember that this decision will last you a lifetime.  So please explore all the benefits or drawbacks before you solidify your choices. Under current law, the full Social Security retirement age for baby boomers is 66 to age 67. Starting these payments at this time may…

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S is for SOCIAL SECURITY Benefits after a Divorce

Below is some important information regarding the ability to receive Social Security after a divorce. If you have not worked or have relatively low earnings compared to your ex; you may be entitled to as much as one-half of your ex’s social security benefits if: 1. The marriage lasted at least ten years from the…

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