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H is for How Money Influences Our Lives

Spending wisely is not a bad practice, and many of us need to watch our spending, but if our primary focus is on getting the best deal for the lowest price, what message is this sending our mind, body, and soul? Scientist have been studying the relationship between money and happiness for decades, and most […]

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M is for The Magic or Madness of Money and the Brain

Today’s neuroscientist and psychologist are studying what happens inside our brains when we think about money. Researchers in the emerging field of neuro-economics are finding that our thoughts on money create a great deal of brain activity that may powerfully influence our thoughts and actions. So, what message does the thought of money send to […]

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K is for Knowing When to Have “The Talk” with Your Parents

Your parents had to conjure up the strength to have “the talk” with you ….now it may be your turn to reciprocate. Talking with your parents about their financial future may be as hard as it was for them to have the “talk” with you. Avoiding this talk may result in unfortunate consequences. Many of […]

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F is for Favor Fiduciary Advisors

Long has been the debate over uniform fiduciary rule in the investment world.  Should Broker/Dealers and Registered Investment advisors continue to have different standards of care when providing personalize investment advice to clients? Or should fiduciary standards be implemented to all regardless of whether the provider is a registered investment advisor, a broker/dealer, or another […]

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E is for Ethical Investing

E is for Ethical Investing – a socially responsible approach to investing.

  In a world filled with ongoing social and environmental challenges, it makes sense that today’s investors want more than monetary gains on their investments.  Many are choosing to invest in Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), where money investments reflect personal, political and societal views. This concept has been around for a long time, but over […]

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B is for the Bitcoin Buzz will it Boom or Burst?

The boom of the Bitcoin has opened the door to the world’s first decentralized money and crypto-currencies. Like any currency, bitcoins can be exchanged for goods and services but unlike conventional currencies there is no physical place of exchange, there is a virtual exchange…the internet. Some say that something great has begun – an era […]

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X is for eXactly how much is the tooth fairy paying for a tooth?

    How much thought have you put into the tooth fairy and “his/her” gift amount to your child? Would you be surprised to know that Delta Dental has been conducting the Original Tooth Fairy Poll® since 1998? The poll collects Tooth Fairy average giving and compares it to stock market activity to illustrate how […]

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W is for Why Women Worry about becoming a Bag Lady

W is for Why Women Worry about becoming “Bag Ladies”

We have all sorts of fears, rational and irrational, but have you ever worried that your older self may be wandering the streets alone and penniless, with all your worldly possessions stuffed inside a shopping cart? If you have – you are not alone. Although enormous strides professionally and financially have been made by women […]

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T is for Tax Mistakes You Should Avoid

There is no doubt our tax laws can be complicated. The continued expansion of our tax code, along with its complexity, helps to create a playground for common mistakes. Making one of these mistakes, no matter how small, may result in underpayment, overpayment or delays on your refund. Let’s go over some of the most common […]

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