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It’s that time again, time to reveal your gratitude’s around the Thanksgiving table with family and friends.  For some, it’s a simple task but there are those who will squirm in their seats under the pressure to come up with something profound.

Here’s a little secret…gratitude doesn’t have to be profound.  As a matter of fact, noticing the small and less apparent joys of your day to day experience can be counted as one of life’s greatest gift.

When we value and appreciate the small gifts available to us each day we begin to live a life that becomes fuller, more appreciative and happier. Just imagine waking each morning and taking a moment to enjoy the sun streaming through your window or the sound of rain on falling outside; let yourself smile, even before you get out of bed. When you greet the first person in your day, allow that first smile lead to another, another and another.

You know the saying, “when you smile the whole world smiles right back at you”. I challenge all of you to try this approach…experts believe that repeated practices of gratitude – even when it’s a struggle – will ultimately lead to a persisting attitude of gratitude.

This Thanksgiving as you sit around the table with your loved ones, take a moment to recall life’s little joys. Gratitude’s, both big and small have a place in life throughout the year. But this year, calm your heart by focusing on life’s little gifts and let this good energy fill your Thanksgiving day with joy.

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