Today’s Excitement – A Total Solar Eclipse Across America!


Today’s Excitement - A Total Solar Eclipse Across America!

Why all the hullabaloo about the eclipse? Especially when a total solar eclipse is visible from someplace on the Earth’s surface approximately every 18 months. Well for starters, unless you are willing to travel the world chasing another this may be the only total eclipse that you will ever experience. It is also the first coast to coast total solar eclipse in our great country since 1918. So it seems reasonable that this eclipse would spark great anticipation and excitement for millions of Americans.

This awe-inspiring event will bring millions of Americans together today, as they share the experience of a scientific phenomenon, and witness one of life’s amazing natural wonders. So grab a friend or two and make it a celebration worthy of a lifetime memory.

Don’t forget to protect your eyes, if you missed out on finding a pair of protective glasses, click here to find a DIY option. If for some reason you can’t get outside go to NASA’s Website and view it live.

Have a Happy and Safe Solar Eclipse Day!


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