V is for a Valentine’s Greetings

V is for a Valentine’s Greetings

Valentine’s Day can be a difficult day when going through a divorce. Instead of focusing on the negativity this day can bring, why not put your attention towards being the best you possibly can be? This day can provide you with an opportunity to nurture and pamper You.


Women are natural caretakers to others, but aren’t particularly well versed at being their own caretakers.  So let’s make this Valentine’s Day be about You!

Start by making a list of the things you have been planning to do for yourself, but never have made them a priority. After you have completed the list, pick two or three things you realistically can do just for You. For example, have you been procrastinating about starting a savings account, retirement account or moving forward in furthering your education? Once you have accomplished the items you have picked from your list, treat yourself to a luxury like a massage, a luxurious warm candle lit bath, an evening out with friends—anything that makes you feel nurtured. This is a time for You to feel special about You and your efforts.

It is also a time to reward yourself for the difficulties you have faced and help you propel yourself into a brighter future.

For more on Self-Love, please see AZ asks:  How to Love Yourself by Tamela Duncan.     

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