Z is for Is Zigzagging between career and family

Z is for Is Zigzagging between career and family

The transformation of women’s lives over the last century has been filled with great changes and challenges. Today’s women have become extremely valuable in the workplace and have worked hard to get the respect and pay they deserve. Yet, many find themselves Zigzagging through life trying to obtain the perfect balance of career and family. Although, this burden is felt by both parents, statistics show it is primarily the female who will opt out of her career for a period of time, to stay home and raise the children.

The Harvard Business review conducted a survey of American women who left work to raise their children found that 93 percent of them wanted to return to work but only 74 percent managed to do so. Even after returning to their work community only 40 percent were able to return to full time jobs. Many women today are highly educated and have acquired significant roles in the professional forum and still they are Zigzagging between career and family.

In this month’s Harvard Business Review it was sighted that powerful female business executives are still seen by males and the professional community as being the one responsible for family issues. Other cultures such as India utilize extended family and have affordable domestic help; whereas in our Western culture help is expensive and limited so family matters fall on the shoulders of the female whether she is or is not employed.

As times have changed and women are educated, major players in the workforce and substantial income earners, practices need to change so that women aren’t constantly juggling career, children, and guilt along with relationship pressures. Partner relationships with the sharing of chores, cooking, taxing children, homework and family responsibility make for healthier families and happier marriages.

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